Recap: They Can’t Take that Away from Me - Season 5 - Episode 5

Recap: They Can’t Take that Away from Me - Season 5 - Episode 5

Recap: They Can’t Take that Away from Me - Season 5 - Episode 5

As work continues on his hotel, Evan and Abby learn a bit more about each other, and Evan stays a night at Jess's B&B.

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Mick and Megan work on building their booth in the town square for Chesapeake Shores Day. Suddenly, Mick is approached by a lawyer. Shortly after, Connor stops by and asks what’s wrong. Mick is being sued by Dilpher but the surprising part is Connor’s law firm is representing Dilpher. Connor admits he already knows.

During a stroll through the square Evan tells Abby he has decided to stay awhile, since Chesapeake Shores is very charming. He has rented a bungalow nearby, but it is not quite ready, so he is going to stay at Jess and David’s B&B.

Jess and Bree spot Sarah coming out of the OBGYN’s office. They wave her over, but Sarah quickly turns and walks away. Jess wonders if Sarah has news – baby news!

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Connor tells Mick all about his firm representing Dilpher. On the bright side, Connor has proof Dilpher forged Mick’s signature on several contracts. He and Abby have a plan to clear Mick’s name.

Abby warns David and Jess that Evan staying at the B&B may not be the best idea. He is very high maintenance. There is one thing Jess does know, Evan is very handsome. Abby says he has a nice face, but he will drive you crazy. Evan enters having just heard Abby. He chides her a bit repeating, “at least I have a nice face.”

At the University, Jerome likes Bree’s class prospective, but feels its missing one thing for the catalog: a catchy name. He asks Bree to join him for coffee or dinner to further discuss it. Seeing Bree’s reaction to his gesture, Jerome assures he is not asking her out on a date.

At work, Connor checks his top drawer and remembers Margaret’s warning and locks it. He finds Margaret and lets her know he now understands her warning. She reminds Connor now that he knows the truth, he can control what someone may find if they go through his drawers.

Luke stops by Sally’s Café and finds Bree struggling to come up with a name for her class. He helps her brainstorm, and she gives Luke her number.

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Jess, David, Kevin, and Sarah enjoy dinner at the B&B. Jess notices a single Evan eating alone. Evan approaches and compliments David on the meal. Jess invites him to join them. Evan is excited to meet more O’Briens. Jess takes a moment alone with Sarah to talk about seeing her at the OBGYN. Sarah has endometriosis and may not be able to have children. She has not told Kevin yet.

Back at home, Jess tells David about her conversation with Sarah. She asks whether he feels like it would be the end of the world not to have kids. David says it would be sad.

Megan and Nell take a casserole Driscoll, hoping to entice him to talk. Driscoll immediately remembers Nell and invites them in. He lost contact with a lot of people in Chesapeake after his wife died. He even pulls out one of his works to give to Nell. He has not painted or drawn in years admitting he is a very different person today.

Abby shares with Evan a few items found at the digging site. They are potential colonial items an archeologist will review. Abby warns this could impact the build if they find these items to be historic.

Kevin goes on an emergency call with captain Gahagan. As they transport a patient, Kevin asks the captain for .3 milliliters of epinephrine. The captain prepares the syringe and is about to inject the patient, but Kevin stops him. The captain has filled the syringe with double the dose, which would have been fatal for the patient.

At the café, Jess expresses concern to Bree she does not know how to be a mom. Bree says all you must do is love your kids. Jess admits she does not know if she wants kids. Bree thinks she should talk to David about this before they get married.

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Back at the fire station Sarah tries to talk to Kevin about her diagnosis. However, she cannot get a word in as Kevin is upset. The captain almost killed a patient, and he must report it. Sarah says Kevin owes it to the captain to let him know what he plans to do.

Kevin visits the captain’s home and finds post it notes with reminders everywhere. The captain tells Kevin he has been the only one to notice his condition. He thought he could hide it, but it is clear after almost killing a patient he must step down as captain of the firehouse.

Connor places a letter to Abby in his drawer. He locks it up and leaves his office.

Abby meets Evan at his new home. Evan described it as a bungalow, but it is clearly a mansion. He invites Abby to come in for dinner. She declines. As she heads off, she sees Evan in his large home, looking lonely.

Sarah tells Kevin about her doctor’s appointment and diagnosis. Kevin says all that matters is they have each other and if they want children they can adopt. Kevin gives Sarah an assuring hug.

Jess admits to David she may want kids and asks if he still wants to get married? David gives her a hug but is not able to give her an answer.

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Evan shows up for brunch at the O’Brien’s. Abby wonders what he is doing here. He should be at his huge home. Evan enjoys spending time with the O’Brien’s as he’s never really experienced what it was be like a part of a family.

Later that morning Mick meets with Dilpher and his lawyers. Connor enters to observe. Linda is not sure that’s a good idea but one of the firm’s partners allows it. Mick knows Dilpher forged his signature on contracts. Mick offers up a one-time deal. He wants Dilpher to sign a document stating he was not involved with the illegal transactions performed. Linda presents her own evidence, a letter Connor left in his desk drawer stating that Mick needs to come clean about what he did. Connor confronts Linda and the firm about going through his personal items. He tells her there was a second page to that letter, it reads Mick needs to come clean about eating all of Gran’s coffee cake. Connor immediately resigns as he now has evidence the firm spied on him to get intel for the Dilpher case. Mick is proud of Connor and wonders what he’ll do next. He jokes about starting his own practice. Mick says it sounds like a great idea.

At the doctor’s office Sarah and Kevin are told to keep trying for a baby for at least another sixth months before looking into alternative options. The doctor assures many women with endometriosis can have healthy babies.

Jess finds David and apologizes for what she said. David tells her he would like to have kids but if she doesn’t that is something they’ll handle together.

Later at the triathlon, the O’Briens compete and join together in the town square for an announcement. The mayor also brings out fire captain Gahagan. He shares they’ve raised enough money for a new fire truck. As they have a new truck, he feels it’s time for a new captain.

Back at home Mick makes a toast to all the O’Brien athletes who competed in the triathlon. He also thanks Connor and Abby for helping get the Dilpher case dropped. Jess has an announcement. She’d like Abby to be her maid of honor and Bree to officiate her wedding.