Recap: The Best is Yet to Come - Season 6 - Episode 1

Recap: The Best is Yet to Come - Season 6 - Episode 1

Recap: The Best is Yet to Come - Season 6 - Episode 1

The O'Brien family comes together in the aftermath of Connor's heart attack. Jess and David deal with media fallout after Dennis Peck goes on the run, and we finally discover who Abby called.

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Following the shock of Connor’s heart attack, the family and Margaret gather at the hospital to anxiously wait for news. Abby can’t reach Jess, though. She is home and focused on David as they deal with the aftermath of his father wiping out his trust fund and fleeing the country. Eventually, Jess picks up the message and meets the family at the hospital in time to learn that Connor has suffered a severe myocardial infarction. He has deep vein thrombosis in his leg and blood clots in his lungs, but he has stabilized. Mick and Megan visit him, finding him grateful to be alive and knowing he will have to make changes to his lifestyle. Mick quotes his father Charlie, saying, “Any day above ground is a good day,” and Connor agrees.

Both Jay and Evan arrive to comfort Abby in the hospital, leaving a curious Bree and Jess to wonder exactly which of the two men Abby called about giving it a try. Nearby, Kevin calls home to touch base with Sarah. Once he hangs up, he shares a moment of solidarity with Evan’s chauffer, Mandrake. They are both veterans, and one vet always recognizes another.

Meanwhile, Margaret is about to head out, knowing that only family will be allowed to visit Connor. An undeterred Bree takes matters into her own hands and leads Margaret to his room. “We’re his sisters,” Bree insists to the confusion of the nurse, cheerfully adding, “I’m adopted.” She leaves Margaret and Connor alone. He jokes with her to lighten the mood before giving her an out on their relationship. He understands that she didn’t sign up for so many challenges. She teases him right back. “I’d kiss you again if I thought you could handle it.”

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Evan, Mandrake and Jay all take their leave from the hospital. Once they’re gone, Bree and Jess try and identify the recipient of Abby’s phone call, but Abby’s not talking. However, as he arrives home, Evan is thrilled to finally hear the promising voicemail Abby left for him. He listens to it a second time with a delighted grin.

Mick and Megan return home, planning to care for Connor there when he gets out of the hospital. Megan has decided to stay in Chesapeake Shores instead of taking the job at the Getty, at least for now. It’s nothing to do with Mick, though. “My son needs me,” she tells him. “I won’t leave him this time.”

As Abby and Bree sit together on the porch after their sleepless night, Abby confesses that her call was to Evan, but shares her disappointment that he hasn’t brought it up. Meanwhile, Evan and Mandrake debate his next steps, with Evan deciding to let things sit for a while and discuss it with her in person.

Bree and Luke get together for coffee, with Bree showing her admiration for all the authors he read while incarcerated. Across the street, Mick pulls up in his truck and curiously observes them enjoying each other’s company.

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At the B&B, the news about David’s father fleeing the country breaks online. His mom and sister are devastated, and David is afraid that his father might take him down too. Jess assures him she’ll be there for him, pulling him into a warm embrace. When David heads outside to work in the garden, an FBI agent arrives. She inquires if he knows of his father’s whereabouts, which he angrily denies. But she urges him to contact her if he hears from his father, her implied threat loud and clear. He does not share the details of the chat with Jess.

Abby is at the construction office when Evan arrives. Although she plays it cool at first, he breaks down the misunderstanding over the voicemail and they negotiate their way into setting up two dates. He’ll plan the first one, while she’ll plan the second. They shake on it.

Connor is welcomed home by the family, including Mick, who has been quietly taking meds from a prescription bottle for his pain. Connor is exhausted but pleased to be able to recuperate in his old home. Later, Connor plays a board game with Carrie and Caitlyn and eagerly welcomes the distraction of Margaret’s arrival. She brought paperwork for him to sign, but he explains that with his extended recovery, he’ll have to close the office. But Margaret is a paralegal scheduled to take the bar exam in a month – she’s almost a lawyer. She’s confident she can manage the heavy lifting till he’s ready to come back to work. She has something else to give him too: a kiss. “My heart’s beating a little bit faster, but in all the right ways,” he says.

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At the bar, Mick greets Luke, his mood is definitely elevated. After asking Luke if he’s seeing Bree, Mick says with a smile, “If you ever hurt her, I will track you down and make you very, very sorry.” He then offers the job of managing the bar to Luke, who is shocked but grateful for the opportunity.


Abby, Jess and Bree all get together for ice cream at the house, sharing their latest troubles. Jess touches on the issues around David’s father, Bree talks about her writing, and before she shares, Abby is relieved to be interrupted by a phone call. It’s Mandrake, alerting her that if it’s okay with her, the first date with Evan can begin right away. He’s outside waiting for her in a gorgeous yacht. She dresses in a beautiful gown to match his suit, and they share a delicious lobster meal. While dancing together, they nearly kiss until Evan pulls away. Abby listens as he describes how his impulsiveness has wreaked havoc on his relationships (as evidenced by the fact that he bought the yacht that day). He doesn’t want to rush into things and they both agree, “Not now.” But hopefully, soon.