Recap: That's All There Is to That - Season 6 - Episode 4

Recap: That's All There Is to That - Season 6 - Episode 4

Recap: That's All There Is to That - Season 6 - Episode 4

Sarah and Kevin come together with exciting news. Connor and Margaret's law firm struggles to make ends meet, and when Mick's pill addiction starts to noticeably affect his life, the O'Briens must rally and stage an intervention.

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Since Mick has run out of his pain pills, he visits a new physician to refill his prescription. He smoothly lies about his circumstances and the doctor reluctantly provides a refill. Then, he successfully repeats the same behavior with another doctor. His drug seeking has escalated.

Kevin and Sarah have returned from Maui, and as they’re getting ready for work, Sarah sneaks into the bathroom to check the results of a pregnancy test. It’s positive, but she pockets the test and says nothing to Kevin. Later, Kevin bumps into Mick, who has just dropped off Nell at the airport. It’s a close call for Mick, who nearly got caught by Kevin getting pills out of the glove compartment.

Connor and Margaret go over paperwork for the law office. Money is tight – they can pay the bills but there’s nothing to spare. On top of that, they are in desperate need of a receptionist for the business. Connor has luckily picked up a new case though, to mediate a divorce where custody of the couple’s parrot is a bone of contention. Even with the challenges of work, the other half of Connor and Margaret’s relationship – the personal side – is going better than ever.

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Later that afternoon, Mick is supposed to pick up Carrie and Caitlyn from Taekwondo, but Mick never shows up. When Abby gets a phone call from the instructor, she has to drop everything at a site to go get them. She arrives at the construction office only to find Mick asleep at his desk, and a frightened Abby has to shake him awake. Mick’s temper flares that Abby has abandoned a job site, but Abby’s flares right back at his missing a promised pick up for his grandchildren.

Mick’s brother Thomas heads to the O’Brien house to get some paperwork from Mick and instead runs into Megan. She’s in town from LA to be at a ceremony for an award Carrie will receive for her artwork. Mick hasn’t replied to any of Thomas’s texts, so he goes looking for his needed blueprints in Mick’s truck. In the glove compartment, Thomas is shocked to find not one but two bottles of opioids from different doctors.

Luke has received some bad news: his apartment has black mold. He has to move, but Bree promises to help him look for a new place. They spent the afternoon on a fruitless search, since Luke is turned down time after time when the landlords learn his history. Bree is frustrated that someone who is trying to turn his life around can so easily be denied a basic place to live. Luke appreciates Bree’s offer to stay on her sofa for longer, but he sweetly turns her down. They share a warm kiss.

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Sarah meets Megan for coffee and shares the news of her pregnancy. Megan is thrilled but understands her fear. She encourages Sarah to share the good news with Kevin. “Together you and Kevin can handle anything,” she assures Sarah.

The family attends Carrie’s award ceremony and comes together for a celebration at the O’Brien house. But the mood turns somber when Thomas shares his discovery from Mick’s truck with Abby and Kevin. They recognize what’s happening, but Abby doesn’t want to ruin Carrie’s special day with a confrontation. Thomas can’t ignore the issue; he goes to Mick directly and brushes aside Mick’s story before he can even tell it. He shoots down Mick’s defenses one after another and reminds Mick that their father used to say the same thing to their mother about drinking. “You’re way off base, Thomas, I have this under control!” Mick swears, but Thomas sees right through him. Mick angrily storms off.

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Connor and Margaret interview a young woman, Harper, for the receptionist job. She might not have a college degree, but she has interesting work experience and is honest to a fault. She picks up on the romance between her potential new bosses immediately, even though they try to play it off. They decide to hire her, and also decide that they’re officially a couple. They seal their official status with a handshake and a kiss.

While driving his truck, Mick drifts in a stupor until he has a rude awakening: he sideswipes a parked car. He’s done serious damage and calls Kevin to the scene. Kevin calls for a tow but Mick wants him to call a specific place, knowing they’ll keep the accident quiet. Kevin sends Mick to relax in his jeep, but he calls Thomas instead of a tow truck. “We need to talk.”

The family has a meeting to discuss options, leaving Connor and Jess out to manage their own challenges. Megan and Bree are worried that they need to be delicate, but based on Mick’s accident, Kevin, Thomas and Abby are ready for a head-on confrontation. They are a unified front, so when Mick walks in, he knows right away what’s happening.

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Abby, Kevin, Megan, Bree and Thomas all try to reason with Mick, particularly Kevin, who has experience seeing addiction as a paramedic and a veteran. Cornered, Mick reacts in anger, shouting, “I’ve had enough of this. I don’t want to hear it.” Abby and Kevin follow him outside, where Abby reminds him that he never coddled any of his children, and they won’t coddle him either. Mick isn’t ready to accept help, striding off in a huff.

Mick goes to the Bridge, where Luke sits working alone. Mick asks about Luke’s drinking, and Luke explains that he didn’t know he had a problem till he hit rock bottom. He went to AA and it saved him. Mick confesses that he’s just stormed out of a family intervention, and Luke has experience with that, too. “My sponsor told me something that’s always stayed with me: addiction is the only prison I know where the locks are on the inside.” Mick drops his head in recognition.

At home, Kevin fills Sarah in on the intervention, relieved to have gotten a text from Luke that he’s with Mick. He and Sarah touch on how much they enjoyed their time away in Maui. Sarah finally gets the courage to tell Kevin the truth: she’s pregnant. He is overjoyed. They promise to stay in the moment and embrace their happiness.

Later, Luke sits with Mick on a bench outside a support group meeting. As Mick is lost in his own thoughts, Luke asks, “Are you ready for this?”