Recap: That Old Feeling - Season 5 - Episode 10

Recap: That Old Feeling - Season 5 - Episode 10

Recap: That Old Feeling - Season 5 - Episode 10

Luke's court case is here and Connor comes to his defense despite personal risks. Abby faces a romantic dilemma when Evan declares his true feelings and Jay wants more than friendship.

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Kevin comforts a distraught Sarah who is devastated after suffering a miscarriage. She says it is a good thing they did not share the news with the family. Sarah wants to keep this loss between herself and Kevin as she cannot image the pain of recounting the experience to anyone.

Evan asks for Mandrake’s advice on how to profess his feelings for Abby. Knowing Jay also has an interest in her, Evan could use a leg up. Mandrake suggests a kind and considerate gesture. Evan has a great idea; he’ll pick her up from the airport - the ultimate kind and considerate gesture.

The family gathers for brunch at the O’Brien house. Mick and Megan have an announcement. Mick is taking a year off and traveling the world with Megan. The kids are stunned and at a loss for words.

At the airport Evan meets Abby to drive her home. Abby is pleasantly surprised and admits as much when they stop for chili burgers. Evan was happy to make the ultimate sacrifice of picking someone up at the airport. He says their misunderstanding in Ohio - Abby thinking his job offer was him asking her out, made him think. He does want to take Abby out on a date. Abby feels should keep things professional as they are working together. Evan asks her to sleep on his request before deciding.

Back at the house, Bree and Connor apologize for their reaction to Mick and Megan’s news and wonder if this means they are officially back together. Regardless of labels, they are glad their parents are happy. Megan finds Jess crying outside. She wonders what’s wrong. Jess admits her tears are over the fact that Megan and Mick did not do this 20 years ago.

Abby returns home and shares with Bree how Evan picked her up from the airport and then asked her on a date. Bree knew Evan liked her! Abby does not know what to think about the whole idea. She finds him annoying but does see a sweet guy under all the oddness. Bree asks what about Jay? Abby realizes her single life has gotten very complicated.

Connor prepares Luke for his parole hearing. If Luke is innocent, they need to find a way to invalidate the results. Margaret enters with news. They’ve got a new and favorable judge, but now the hearing is tomorrow!

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Jay takes photos while Abby sits nearby, curious about what he is capturing. He explains they are perfect moments. He shares them with her. Jay captures one every year and Abby notices last year is missing. Jay is hesitant to show it but then gives in and reveals it’s a photo of Abby.

Meanwhile, Carter has news for Megan. He has accumulated several job offers for her since the Driscoll show. Megan assures she is not interested in any of them. She had a great career in New York but now she is finally settling in at home. Carter shares one big offer that piques her interested: head curator The Getty in California.

Evan drops by the O’Brien house with homemade brownies for Abby and her girls. He got the recipe from his uncle who was the first person who believed and invested in Evan. He thinks his uncle would really like Abby and asks if she slept on his offer. She is honest and says she is still sleeping on it.

Margaret checks in on Connor, insisting he take a break to eat and relax. She surprises him with a mini campfire setup with s’mores included. Margaret remembered Connor saying during their yoga class that talking and singing around a campfire relaxed him. As they both reach for a marshmallow their hands touch. Feeling the spark between them, Connor kisses Margaret.

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Kevin comes to the house clearly upset. He tells Mick and Megan about the miscarriage. Sarah did not want him to say anything, but he really needs his family right now. Megan consoles him saying with love, support, and time, he can get through this.

In the middle of the night at the B&B, Jess has an idea for an email to send to her mom. David warns her to only draft it and wait to send it after she has reviewed it again in the morning. The next morning David finds Jess freaking out, she sent the email at 4am. David reads it and finds it brutally honest and thinks Jess needs to talk to Megan face to face as soon as possible.

Bree finds a frazzled Connor who spent all night preparing for Luke’s hearing. Luke can relate as he used to pull all-nighters driving trucks. Connor finds this fact intriguing and asks if Luke is taking something to help him sleep. Luke says yes.

Jess finds Megan at the house and apologizes for the brutally honest email. Megan admits she did not read it yet, but now she has to. Megan reads it and apologies for how leaving hurt Jess. Megan promises to make it up to her.

Meanwhile, Carter arrives at the front door and passes Mick. Mick inquiries as to when he is going back to NY. Carter lets it slip he’s heading to LA and wonders if Megan broke the news about the Getty offer.

Kevin comes home to find a depressed Sarah. He thinks she should talk to someone and admits he told his parents about the miscarriage. Sarah gets upset and tells Kevin she does not need to talk to anyone, and she does not need anything from him.

At the courthouse, Connor arrives with an expert witness: his doctor. She can testify that ingredients in the sleep aid and allergy pills Luke was taking caused a false positive on the drug test. Luke is all clear! He thanks Bree, Connor, and Margaret for believing in him.

At home over dinner Megan cannot wait to enjoy more meals like this in Venice. Mick asks Venice, Italy or Venice, California? He wonders why she did not tell him about her offer from the Getty. He knows that is her dream job. Megan says it was, but she let it go for Mick. Mick asks her to re-consider as he does not want her to pass on her dreams for him unless she is sure that is what she wants.

Meanwhile, Jay admits to Abby that he needs to know if he is more than just a friend.

Later Megan brings Sarah some cookies. Megan shares she also had a miscarriage and did not want anyone to know. Her advice to Sarah is not to let anyone rush her through her grief. Through this Sarah will learn her own strength.

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At the B&B, Jess finds David upset and confused. His trust fund account has been cleaned out and the only person who had access was his father. Soon David learns his father has fled the country and the FBI is looking for him.

Abby contemplates her feelings for both Evan and Jay. Jay is great and stuck by her through a lot. However, she is fascinated by Evan’s impulsive behavior. Honestly, she does not know if she wants to be with anyone right now. She talks things through with Bree and decides to make a call. She leaves someone a voicemail stating she has been thinking about them and wants to give it shot together.

While roasting marshmallows with his parents, Connor gets a call from Margaret. He leaves to take the call, giving Megan and Mick a chance to talk. The Getty is a lifelong dream job for Megan and so is traveling the world with Mick. She wants to do both as Carter has arranged for her to work a year at the Getty and then get six months off. Mick realizes Carter is also going to be working at the Getty and wonders if that is why Megan got the job, Carter wants her close to him. Mick says with this new knowledge he’ll find it hard to trust Carter. Honestly, he can’t rule out that Megan will leave him again.

Connor finds Margaret at the front door and gives her a kiss. Suddenly, Connor he gets a sharp pain in his chest and falls to the ground. Margaret calls out for help as Connor is having a heart attack! Mick, Megan, Abby, and Bree rush out to him and call 911.