Recap: Straighten Up and Fly Right - Season 6 - Episode 6

Recap: Straighten Up and Fly Right - Season 6 - Episode 6

Recap: Straighten Up and Fly Right - Season 6 - Episode 6

Various issues are troubling the O'Briens. Mick is in denial about his addiction. Margaret passes the bar. Jess pursues a new idea, and Bree tries mending the rift between her and Luke.

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Mick attends another NA meeting. While he doesn’t have a sponsor, he’s achieved a week clean. He wants to go it alone, but the group leader, Ralph, doesn’t recommend it. Later, Mick has a meal with Bree, who has heard that Mick offered the attic apartment over the Bridge to Luke. Bree and Luke are still on the outs, so Mick encourages his daughter to reach out and mend fences.

At the B&B, Jess rehearses a presentation to acquire a vineyard and tasting room to expand their brand. Abby is impressed at her business plan, despite all the distractions going on with David’s family. She urges Jess to come to the spa with her, Bree, and Sarah, for an afternoon escape.

Margaret is waiting eagerly to get the results for her bar exam; Connor calms her until she finds out that she has passed! Once she posts her results on social media, she is aggressively recruited from law firms in search of talent. One of the firms, Winthrop Davis, is one of the top shops in D.C., but Margaret is not interested. Connor wants her to think about it before she commits. He doesn’t want her to have regrets. She decides to take the firm up on an interview in the city.

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While gardening, David receives a call from his missing father, Dennis. David explodes in anger about all the accusations, including the theft of his own trust along with the retirement funds of his victims. His father declares his innocence, but David doesn’t buy it. Dennis declares that there is evidence that someone on the inside has framed him, then hangs up. Jess finds David lost in thought and he explains that his dad called. He’s torn; he wants to call the FBI, but Dennis is still his father. What if he chooses the wrong thing?

Bree takes her dad’s advice and approaches Luke at the Bridge with a cactus for a housewarming gift. He describes it as a little like Bree; “Cute, means well, but don’t get too close.” Bree apologizes for not trusting herself to go with her feelings for him. She’s frightened of messing things up before they even get started. But they both had a horrible week not seeing one another, so Bree promises to work on trusting him and he will do the same with her.

Abby is ready to hold down the construction fort as Mick is heading to Red Rocks for a weekend away with Megan. At her concerned urging, Mick promises her to do virtual NA meetings on his trip. But the trip is thwarted when Megan develops a sinus infection and can’t fly. Mick is on his own for the weekend and he doesn’t want Abby meddling in his business.

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Bree gets exciting news from her agent: Miranda Livingston, an Oscar winning actress, wants to option Bree’s book. She is not enthusiastic, but Luke thinks that just because she doesn’t want to stir things up with her family again. He’s right. Even when he recommends Bree ask the O’Brien clan directly about the idea, she doesn’t want to go through that again.

David decides to contact Agent Malik of the FBI, telling her that his father called and said he was innocent. The agent decides to tap his phone, and David has to go along with it whether he wants to or not.

Abby, Bree, Jess and Sarah take a day trip to the spa. As they’re lounging, they’re offered wine as part of the service. Before Sarah has to turn down the offer, Abby suggests a pressed green juice instead, so she doesn’t feel pressure to reveal her pregnancy. Later, Sarah thanks Abby for keeping the secret. She’s filled with conflicting emotions, and Abby advises her, “When in doubt, choose joy.”

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At the Bridge, Mick meets with Luke; he confesses that he’s constantly thinking about using. Luke understands where he’s coming from. Mick asks Luke to be his sponsor, but Luke turns him down, because they’re already friends and it’s not recommended. Mick decides he will go it alone.

At the spa, Abby gets a call from the school about Caitlyn, who has been visiting the school nurse often. When she arrives home, Abby asks Caitlyn if there’s anything she wants to talk about, but Caitlyn says no. Caitlyn knows where the question is coming from, and brings up the nurse visits to Jess, who assures her that everything gets better after middle school. Jess promises Abby she’ll be there for Caitlyn in the future.

Mick attends an NA meeting and confesses that while spending time at Connor’s, he went into the medicine cabinet, knowing he had painkillers. He says he nearly slipped. Ralph goes to Mick after the meeting and draws the truth out of him; he did take the pill. Mick has the desire to stop, but he needs a sponsor. Ralph says, “I might know a guy.” They get coffee after the meeting to help Mick recommit to his NA steps with his new sponsor.

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Margaret arrives at Connor’s after her trip to Washington. The offer was stellar, but she turned them down. She still wants to work with Connor at the practice but needs more than just a job. She wants equity in the business. “What sounds more equitable, Keller & O’Brien or O’Brien & Keller?” he replies, happy to take her up on the idea.

At a family meal, a nervous Bree brings up the idea of “All Our Yesterdays” being made into a movie. She wants permission from everyone before she agrees to it. Once Mick says yes, the rest of the O’Briens fall in line and debate which actors should play them in the adaptation. Later, Sarah and Kevin decide to come clean: they share the news of the pregnancy to the delight of the entire family.

Meanwhile, at the B&B, Dennis calls David again. David immediately tells his father there’s a tap on the phone, but it doesn’t matter. Dennis wants to give himself up and come home.