Recap: Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most - Season 6 - Episode 9

Recap: Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most - Season 6 - Episode 9

Recap: Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most - Season 6 - Episode 9

Mick gets closer to the ones he loves while Evan and Luke push themselves away. Mick continues to rebuild his relationship with Megan. Luke recovers from a gunshot after stopping a robbery.

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Stunned by the sudden appearance of his birth father, John Osterburg, Evan spurns the man’s handshake and vanishes. Abby gets a few details in Evan’s absence. John lives in Florida, having recently retired from his post as a pediatric surgeon, and he had no idea that he had a son.

At a jewelry store, Mick chooses a ring as he makes a plan to propose to Megan, tonight. He meets with his sponsor Ralph for coffee and explains that he knows it’s not a good idea to start a new relationship his first year in recovery. He and Megan have five children and thirty years of history between them. Ralph is uncertain, but Mick doesn’t care—his life is better with Megan in it.

As David worries about his father’s situation, he and Jess are interrupted by their lone B&B guest, Miranda Livingston. She pushes them to share their feelings with her and Jess admits she is worried about trying to start her vineyard project. David, however, is not interested in opening up. But he agrees that he and Jess should stop focusing on their problems and start tending to their relationship. They decide to go on a date to one of the islands, leaving their phones at home so they can totally disconnect.

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Bree arrives at the B&B to discuss the potential deal with Miranda. Bree has a big demand: she wants to write the screenplay, no ifs, ands, or buts. It’s her life, and no one would know the story better than she does. After a single moment to consider the idea, Miranda agrees and they have a deal.

Margaret and Connor debate the pros and cons of taking David’s father’s case. The cons list is very long; the pros list is a single entry. Margaret believes they can’t win, but Connor doesn’t want to give up. “What if we did win?”

John, Evan’s father, might not have known that he had a son, but he remembers Evan’s mother, Molly. They dated for a summer, but when he relocated to New Orleans, they lost touch. Life moved on and he found a serious girlfriend. Evan overhears the story, quick to anger at how John so easily moved on. He accuses John of only wanting to meet him because of his wealth. John decides it’s time to leave. Abby and Mandrake confront Evan about his behavior, but Evan angrily lashes out at Mandrake for bringing John to Chesapeake Shores without asking.

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When Mick meets Bree at the beach, he tells her he’s going to ask Megan to marry him. She is thrilled, but their good news is interrupted by the police calling about Luke. He’s been shot.

In the hospital, Luke is recovering. He was fortunate that the bullet’s trajectory spared him from serious damage. His parole officer visits and warns him that he was outside his parole zone, but his behavior at the store was brave. He lets Luke get away with the infraction. Mick and Bree arrive then to comfort Luke, who is feeling down about his poor luck. But Bree helps him see the other side—he has friends who love him and he survived a gunshot wound. He’s the lucky one.

In town, Jess bumps into a tearful Caitlyn, who has dyed her hair blue the same shade of her friend Sloan. Jess takes Caitlyn back to school, but soon after, Abby gets a phone call. Caitlyn has been suspended for fighting. Abby and Mick rush to the school for a meeting, where Sloan’s parents are quick to blame Caitlyn as a bad influence. Eventually Caitlyn and Sloan apologize to each other, Caitlyn for hitting Sloan, and Sloan for teasing her about her hair.

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At home, Caitlyn explains that Sloan talked her into dying her hair, then said she could never be friends with a geek like her. Abby and Megan both help Caitlyn recognize that her relationship with Sloan is toxic and that true friends accept you for who you are. Her blue hair is returned to its natural state by Megan, an expert at hair color from her time in New York.

Mick runs into Evan while making reservations at Giovanni’s, where he plans to propose to Megan that night. Evan is trying to drink his troubles away. When Mick offers him a ride home, Evan thinks first of Mandrake, then accepts the ride.

Later, Bree presents some ideas to Miranda about the screenplay, but is startled when Miranda reveals she’s been offered a big part in a Marvel movie (even though she thinks comic book movies are the death of cinema). “All Our Yesterdays” has to go on the backburner as Bree writes the script on spec. In other words, for free.

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Abby continues to try and connect with Evan without success. She bumps into Mandrake in town, only to learn that Evan has fired his friend and confidant. Mandrake explains that Evan’s behavior of disappearing from life, only to surface for work, is a long-standing habit. Mandrake does not hold it against Evan because of their complicated history. Years ago, Mandrake once pulled Evan from a car accident, saving his life. Mandrake just happened to be on the scene because he was a homeless vet, living beneath an overpass. Evan gave him a second chance, offering him a position as his driver. He even christened him with the moniker, “Mandrake the Magician,” after the comic strip. His real name is Alan Wilkins. After hearing the story, Abby is determined not to allow Evan to dismiss either of them.

Jess and David return from their picnic date, only to learn from Miranda about Luke’s shooting. Miranda also reveals that she’s not doing Bree’s movie, but that she is interested in investing in Jess’s vineyard idea. She wants to back the entire project! There’s more good news as Connor arrives to speak to David: he’s taking his father’s case.

Megan and Mick have a delicious dinner at Giovanni’s. For dessert, crème brulee arrives, but it’s missing something important. They both realize the mistake when a woman across the restaurant bites into Megan’s engagement ring. Finally, they retrieve the ring and Megan admires it happily. Just as Mick is about to propose, he gets a frantic phone call: Kevin and Sarah are on their way to the hospital for their baby to be born. As they race to the car, Megan accepts Mick’s non-proposal proposal.

In the ambulance, Sarah is frantic; it’s really time for the baby to come. They can’t wait to get to the hospital, so Kevin will have to deliver the baby himself.