Recap: Night and Day- Season 6 - Episode 3

Recap: Night and Day- Season 6 - Episode 3

Recap: Night and Day- Season 6 - Episode 3

One of the O'Briens wrestles with a problem. Abby and Evan participate in a Road Rally, Connor breaks out of the house, Bree helps Luke with nightmares, and Mick and Megan discuss their pasts.

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Feeling like he’s well on the road to recovery, Connor is over being hovered around at the O’Brien house. He is looking for some independence and wants to move back to his own apartment. But Mick isn’t sure he’s ready; his own father did the same thing, and it was a mistake. Connor gets the message, but later he tries to enlist Margaret in helping him make a break for it. She politely demurs, unwilling to get involved in a family dispute.

At the construction office, Abby and Evan argue over details of a project at work, and Mandrake interrupts with a reminder of a business meeting. Evan has set up a team-building scavenger hunt around the city for his employees but has no intention of participating. He agrees to become a part of the hunt only if Abby agrees to be his partner in the experience.

When the scavenger hunt begins, the rules are simple: they can use paper maps only, and cellphones can only be used in emergencies. Evan tries to game the system, but Abby’s having none of it. She makes him adhere to the spirit of the hunt, even though she needs no help at all with the first clue.

Megan plans her departure to Los Angeles for the position at the Getty. She and Mick will be doing the long-distance thing for a while, but in the meantime, they need to have a conversation. It’s time she finally tells Mick what she’s been putting off for twenty years. Mick isn’t looking forward to the chat, and at the Bridge, he pops another painkiller that he tells Luke is an aspirin. Neither of the two men are having a great day, since Luke’s apartment has flooded and he has nowhere to stay for the night.

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When Mick arrives for dinner with Megan, he pops a pill right before he heads in. They each have remembered the others’ favorite things, but continue to put off the difficult conversation till later. Finally, Megan convinces Mick to talk about what their lives were like after their divorce. Mick only says that he worked, a lot. Megan, on the other hand, confesses that she played the field when she lived in New York. Eventually she had three meaningful relationships, but Mick tries to stop her revealing details of the past. Megan wants him to know who she really is. “I know who you are now,” Mick clarifies. “That’s all that matters to me.” But Megan needs more. She wants to know about Martha, someone who he had a relationship with in Baltimore.

Abby and Evan continue on with their scavenger hunt, and when one of the requirements is to switch drivers, Evan balks. Abby pushes him to get behind the wheel. At night, he’s clearly uncomfortable, but he keeps going till the car unexpectedly blows a tire. Evan makes it to the side of the empty road safely, but he’s stunned. He’s ready to call it quits with the game. But once he has some time to decompress as Abby changes the tire (a skill Mick taught her at 10), he decides he wants to continue on.

Later that night, Connor keeps a lookout for other family members, and when the coast is clear, he takes off. He starts walking to his apartment, only to be greeted by Margaret when she arrives to pick him up. They arrive back at his apartment and Margaret is impressed by his nerdy record collection. She’s relieved she’s finished with the bar exam, but she’s got big dreams and is worried about the future. Connor admires her plan and pulls her into a kiss that Margaret happily returns.

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Bree offers Luke her sofa bed for the night; there’s tension in the air as she gives him blankets and pillows. She leaves him on his own for the night, but when she returns to deliver him one more pillow, she catches him without his shirt and has a chance to admire his physique. Once she departs, she needs a minute to catch her breath.

Megan and Mick continue breaking down their past, with old wounds and unresolvable conflicts resurfacing. As Mick is just about to storm out, the oven timer goes off: Megan has made his favorite rhubarb pie. The pie is delicious, and once they finish, they pick up where they left off. Mick explains that Martha was a wonderful woman, but she wasn’t Megan. Megan says the same about her past relationship with Carter. “He wasn’t you.”

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Evan and Abby accomplish the tenth goal of their scavenger hunt, and Abby makes it eleven by telling him a secret. Years ago, she almost cancelled her wedding to Wes. While she’s happy she went through with it because she got her daughters out of it, she came very close to having a very different life. Abby waits to hear Evan’s secret in return, but he disappoints her again.

Margaret interrupts her embrace with Connor as things are heating up, worrying over his health. Google says they need more time before going any further and decide to cool it for now. “I love you and I don’t want to be the one responsible for killing you,” Margaret says. Connor is pleasantly surprised, replying easily, “Margaret Keller, I love you, too.”

Bree is awakened by Luke screaming out during a nightmare, as he does every night since prison. His first instinct is to depart, but Bree comforts him. “You have to go easy on yourself.” As they sit together, Bree tenderly takes his hand and reminds him that he’s not alone anymore.

At a gas station in the middle of the night, Evan and Abby only have a single task left on their list. Out of nowhere, Evan confesses, “My mom died in a car accident when I was 18.” A shocked Abby offers her condolences. Evan told her the truth, which he has shared with very few people, because he wants her to know him. Together, they decide to tackle the final task in the scavenger hunt.

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The next morning, four couples greet the sunrise in their own way. Connor and Margaret snuggle and talk over their favorite movies; Bree strokes Luke’s hair as he sleeps restfully against her; and Mick makes breakfast after spending the night with Megan. They’ve solidified their relationship, no matter the distance. Meanwhile, Evan and Abby record their final task with their phones as evidence, playing together at an old-fashioned playground. In their enthusiasm at being the first pair to complete the hunt, they have their first kiss, followed shortly by their second. When they hear noise coming from over a hill, they spot an upgraded playground crowded with other players and realize they missed first place in the scavenger hunt. Even though they didn’t win, Evan says, “We still kind of did,” kissing Abby once more.