Recap: Nice Work If You Can Get It - Season 5 - Episode 2

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Recap: Nice Work If You Can Get It - Season 5 - Episode 2

Abby reflects on the past and contemplates a future on her own terms, while she and Mick deal with the damage to the reputation of O'Brien Construction.

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Bree shares with Abby that while she was in England she met up with Simon and his new girlfriend! She feels very adult about the way she handled it. Nearby, Jess tries on her wedding shoes to break them in to prevent bride blisters.

At breakfast, Mick makes pancakes and Jess shares that her soon to be in-laws, the Pecks, have given up on her and David having a European wedding. However, she does share the prenup Deidre Peck left for her to sign. She has not told David, thinking this will make him go ballistic. Bree has trouble of her own. She is meeting with Jerome, her high school nemesis, to talk about the teaching job at the University at Maryland.

Jay is looking forward to spending time with Abby and the kids at the beach. Abby lets him know she is not ready for that step in their relationship yet. He reminds her it’s a school function, not a date. He jokes Abby must want him to ask her out.

Later, when Megan asks how Abby is doing, it triggers a memory for Abby of the moment she learned Trace decided to sell his half of the bar to Mick and leave town. When Abby asked why, Trace said it’s something he simply must do.

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Deidre admits to being relieved over Jess and David’s decision to get married at home. Deidre hopes that Jess will sign the prenup for her own protection. She also alerts Jess that she left her a surprise.

After a contractor backs out of a deal with Mick’s firm, Abby suggests they expand and diversify. Mick is hesitant as they still have many projects. He does want to grow one thing: Abby’s role at the firm. He reveals her new name plate with the title President. Unfortunately, the sweet moment is short lived as two of Mick’s best clients pull out of deals with the firm due to the Dilpher case.

Connor visits Luke at the gas station. He lets him know Mick is looking for help at the Bridge and wonders if Luke would be interested. Luke appreciates the offer but he’s not looking for charity.

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As Bree drops off clothes at a donation bin for some Spring cleaning, she runs into Luke. The moment is awkward as Luke is clearly there to pick up clothing from the bin. Bree reminds Luke of her huge crush on him back in high school. He tells her about his job offer and wonders if he should take it. He quotes Robert Frost, impressing Bree. After Bree leaves, he goes through the donation bin and grabs some clothes.

Jess finds Abby and admits she could not talk to David about the prenup yet as Deidre has sweetened the deal. She has left Jess a diamond bracelet – definitely a bribe.

Bree meets with Jerome, who goes by “Jerry” now. He gushes over her book and admits he cried when he saw the play. He was not sure Bree would come for their meeting as she did not like him in high school. Bree is taken aback; it was Jerome who made her feel “less than” in school for being a book worm. Jerome apologizes. He was not very likable back then due to his own insecurities and honestly felt she was out of his league.

Later, Abby recalls the night at The Bridge when many people showed up, including the O’Brien family, to wish Trace farewell. Mick pulled Trace aside and shared he always respected him and hopes he will find his path. As they prepare to give a toast to Trace, he leaves. Abby expected this as Trace does not like goodbyes.

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Abby and Mick share a glass of wine on the porch. Mick explains he used to love coming out at this time of night after tucking Abby and the others into bed. The memory makes him realize he was not always there for them as children because he worked too hard. Now a parent herself, Abby understands and assures him he made up for it in other ways. He can see something is bothering Abby and asks if she wants to talk. She admits she is sad about Trace, but she is excited for what will come next for her life.

At the beach clean-up Jay asks how Abby is doing. She says she is okay and thanks Jay for being a good friend. He jokes there are two things he is good with, kids and sharks.

Bree is excited to say she will take the job at the University of Maryland. She met with Jerome and cannot believe how wrong she was about him in high school. It makes her wonder what else she might have been wrong about in her life. Jess and Abby read between the lines - Jerome must have been very cute. A flustered Bree tries to deny it only confirming to her sisters, he was “so cute.”

Jess finally admits to David that his mother asked her to sign a prenup. She jokes that if anything he should sign a prenup as David was a short order cook and she was a thriving business owner when they met. She asks if she should sign. David says it’s too late, he already found it and burned it. She agrees never to keep anything from David ever again. Jess also tells him about the diamond bracelet Deidre gave her to sweeten the deal. He assures the bracelet was not a bribe but a gift his mom wanted her to have. It’s real diamonds.

Abby wonders when Mick knew she would come work with him. He says when she was six years old. As a little girl Abby made business cards saying they would be partners at the firm Abby & Daddy O’Brien.

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The next morning while on a run Abby is flooded with memories of Trace. She finds Kevin nearby and joins him for a chat. She wonders how long it took him to get over his breakup with Georgia. He admits, it was a long while. However, Abby is strong. He adds it is never easy ending things. Abby agrees and thinks about catching Trace as he tried to leave without saying goodbye. In their last moment together, Trace admits something is missing inside of himself. He tried to find it in music, then in their relationship, and now he is leaving to see if he can find it in himself. He tells Abby she deserves the best. Abby tells Trace he deserves it too. Traces leaves, saying maybe now they’ll find it.