Recap: Memories are Made of This - Season 6 - Episode 2

Recap: Memories are Made of This - Season 6 - Episode 2

Recap: Memories are Made of This - Season 6 - Episode 2

Abby goes all out to plan the perfect second date. David's family makes a surprise visit to the B&B, and Megan must consider whether to take the job offer at the Getty or help Connor recover.

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At the house, Abby bonds with her girls, Bree and Megan with a rewatch of “The Princess Bride,” while Connor and David play chess together. Soon Margaret pays a visit to Connor, who offers to help a her study for the bar exam. He’s doing well with his recovery, even if he’s being subjected to Megan’s kale smoothies for his health.

David’s mother Deidre shows up unannounced at the B&B, suitcase in tow. She’s fled Boston after being harassed by the press and the FBI, not to mention being abandoned by her friends. She can’t sleep or eat, and she has no clue where her husband has disappeared to. “We are ruined, David,” she cries.

After Luke and Bree have brunch at her cottage, she tells him she’s written a new short story. It’s set in prison and was inspired by him, so she wants his feedback. After Luke reads it, his praise is faint: “I like it. Nice job.” But Bree wants the truth, even if it’s brutal. Eventually he confesses that it’s well-written but inaccurate. “You didn’t quite capture it,” he explains. While she appreciates his honesty, her displeasure is palpable. She cajoles him into going through it with her a bit at a time to make changes that better reflect reality.

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Megan brushes Carter off about the job at the Getty again, despite his insistence. Connor’s guilt over her decision makes him try to change her mind, but she’s done. Connor goes to Mick to talk it over, but Mick assures him, “It’s a big decision for your mother to make, and I’ll support her whatever she decides.”

At the Bridge, Luke rereads Bree’s edited story, and with his notes she’s made it dramatically better. She departs and passes Mick on his way in. Luke tries to ask him about an upcoming health inspection and new kitchen staff, but Mick can barely follow the conversation. Luke recognizes that he is off kilter and asks if he is still taking the prescription meds for pain. Luke explains that he has an issue with alcohol and knows what it’s like, but that doesn’t fly. Mick is angry at the insinuation that he has a drug problem and stalks off.

Abby takes Evan out on their second date by introducing him to crabbing. They set up traps and later boil their fresh catch for an evening picnic. It’s a wonderful, romantic day for the both of them that ends with Evan taking Abby’s hand as they watch the sun set.

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The next morning Jess and David receive a second surprise guest: David’s sister, Alexandra. She also bolted from Boston due to the incessant attention from the press. After divulging that she was recently dumped by her boyfriend, she goes in search of the liquor cabinet. But it turns out Alexandra has led the press right to the B&B’s front door, which is soon mobbed by reporters and cameras trying to photograph David and his family. Jess takes matters into her own hands, and on Connor’s advice, she sends the throng off to the end of the property for trespassing.

At the doctor’s office, Mick is happy to have his cast removed and spends a few minutes catching up with his physician. He asks for a refill of his pain meds, but the doctor brushes him off and recommends ibuprofen for any lingering pain. “You don’t want to mess with opioids,” the doctor says as Mick tries to mask his concern.

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Meanwhile at the O’Brien house, Connor and his sisters get together for an impromptu dinner. Connor asked them to come over so he could voice his concerns about Megan turning down the Getty job. Mick’s planning to join them, but after he arrives home, he goes on a frantic search for pain medication. To his relief, he finds a single pill left in the bottle and immediately downs it. Putting on a cheerful face, he joins his children for Irish stew just as Megan appears as well. Connor and his sisters all present their arguments that Megan should take the opportunity to accept the job at the Getty. Even Mick offers to delay their trip around the world for another time. He doesn’t want her to have regrets. “In the end, you only really regret the chances you didn’t take and decisions you were too afraid to make,” Bree intones, bringing tears to Megan’s eyes.

With that, Megan makes her decision. “Okay, let’s give LA a try.” She’s taking the job, so the dinner turns into a celebration.