Recap: Love is Here to Stay - Season 5 - Episode 6

Recap: Love is Here to Stay - Season 5 - Episode 6

Recap: Love is Here to Stay - Season 5 - Episode 6

Jess and David's wedding is here, but the O'Brien family still has a lot to face before the celebration. Abby and Evan get into an argument over his hotel, threatening the entire project.

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At the B&B Jess has a nightmare about her wedding day. As they are at the altar about to say “I do,” the earth opens and swallows David. Jess wakes with a start and later recounts the dream to David. He is not surprised she had another nightmare about the wedding. Jess cannot wait for this wedding nightmare to end. David jokes that’s exactly what every groom wants to hear.


At the O’Brien house, Bri shares her plans to have dinner with Jerome. Megan asks is it a date? Bri quickly says no, just a dinner to discuss curriculum - educator to educator. Soon after, Connor comes to the kitchen for coffee. Mick notes Connor has been wearing the same clothes for a while. It’s been three weeks since Connor left his dream job at the firm and is not sure what is next. Megan says it’s natural to feel down and gives him a hug.

During Taekwondo class, Abby is surprised to see Evan. She is tasked with teaching him a few moves. They start to spar, and Abby accidentally kicks Evan in the face.

After class Abby literally runs into Jay. He sees her Taekwondo uniform and notes her new hobby. He asks if she has still been stressed. Her answer is yes. Evan is driving her crazy, even joining her class. Jay wonders if Abby has considered Evan is interested in her.

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At The Bridge, Luke tells Bri he read her book and asks how her class is coming along. She admits it has not started yet but she is nervous.

Back at the O’Brien house, Connor is now fully dressed. Mick is impressed but wonders if Connor would have walked away from his dream job at the firm if it had not been for the Dilpher case. Connor hopes he would have recognized it was not the place for him eventually.

Bri and Jerome take a walk and learn more each other from favorite books to what kind of music they like. Jerome would love to get to know Bri more and asks what she is doing this weekend. She mentions Jess and David’s wedding to which she has a plus one. Jerome would love to go. Bri is surprised by his response and even more shocked when Jerome gives her a kiss.

Jess has another wedding nightmare. This time flames erupt at the alter as she and David say, “I do.” Jess wakes up from the nightmare with a start.

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Evan stops by Abby’s office to review plans for the building. He is unhappy with the progress. Abby can tell something else is bothering him. Evan admits he is upset about her kicking him. They argue over how it happened and Evan leaves.

Nell calls Arthur Driscoll to wish him a happy birthday. She has left a surprise outside his door, homemade Irish soda bread and cards from Carrie and Caitlyn. One of the cards features a beautiful landscape created by Carrie.

An archeologist stops by Mick and Abby’s office. Artifacts from the 17th century were found at Evan’s build site, including the bow of a ship. It could be a major historical find. They must stop work on Evan’s building to allow for excavation. Abby is concerned this may give an already upset Evan an excuse to back out of the project. She really wishes she hadn’t kicked him in the head.

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Mick feels like everything at home and work is under control. Megan senses Mick is trying to tell her something. He suggests after the wedding they should go away for a while. Just then, Megan gets a phone call about opening an Arthur Driscoll exhibit in Chesapeake Shores. Mick is impressed by how she handles the negotiation.

Abby finds Jay outside a bakery loading pastries into his car for a PTA meeting. She asks if he needs help. He admits the pastries are heavy, making task feel like a croissant-fit workout. Abby asks Jay to be her plus one at Jess and David’s wedding.

Later, Arthur Driscoll comes to the O’Brien home to see Caitlin and Carrie. He thanks them for the cards and compliments Carrie on her drawing. He gives Carrie his brushes and paints, telling her to paint whatever she wants with one rule: paint it like she sees it.

Connor selects a space to open his own practice. He shares the plans with Mick and asks if he knows anyone who can help make renovations.

Bri tells Abby about Jerome kissing her. Abby asks if she liked it. Bri didn’t not like it and has inadvertently invited him to the wedding. However, she also finds herself more and more interested in Luke.

At The Bridge, the O’Brien siblings toast Jess and David on the eve of their wedding. Jess shares her wedding nightmares and plans to stay up all night before the wedding to avoid them. Kevin grabs a drink at the bar. Luke thanks him for the job and wonders what they are celebrating. Kevin tells him about the wedding and invites him to attend.

Evan comes by Abby’s office with a gift. She shares how the artifacts found at the building site could lead to a work stoppage. An excavation could take six months to a year. Evan says he will think about whether to pull the project.

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At the wedding ceremony, Mick walks Jess down the aisle. Bri officiates as Jess and David exchange vows and rings. After they say, “I do,” Bri declares them husband and wife, saying Jess may kiss the groom.

During the reception, Kevin and Sarah are joined at a table by a couple with a small baby. They ask Kevin to hold they baby as they dance. Sarah enjoys seeing Kevin with the child. Sarah takes a turn holding the little boy. Kevin says she is going to be a great mom.

Jay finds Abby and thanks her for the invite to the wedding. He tells Abby to check her phone. On it she finds a text from him asking her out to dinner.

Bri spots Luke at the reception and asks Kevin what he is doing here. She is nervous things will be awkward as she invited Jerome.

Abby asks if Jess had the wedding she dreamed of. Jess says it was better because David survived unlike in her actual dreams. Suddenly, Abby spots Evan. She thinks he’s crashing but Jess admits they invited him.


Bri and Jerome dance. He apologizes for kissing her and asks if they can forget it happened. He has to leave and thanks her for the invite. Shortly after, Bri finds Luke. He admits the whole event has been a little overwhelming as he has not been to an event like this for a long time. Bri asks where he’s been. Luke asks her to dance to avoid answering. They begin to dance together just as Jerome returns for his phone. He is clearly sad to see Bri dancing with Luke.

Evan asks Abby to dance. He apologizes for the way he reacted after she accidentally kicked him. He is also sorry to deliver bad news at the wedding. He is pulling out of the build due to the excavation.

Meanwhile, newlyweds David and Jess are excited they got married. Jess asks how David feels. He feels more in love with her today than he was before. They get up and dance as husband and wife.