Recap: L-O-V-E - Season 6 - Episode 5

Recap: L-O-V-E - Season 6 - Episode 5

Recap: L-O-V-E - Season 6 - Episode 5

A fortune telling machine shares uncomfortable truths with the O'Brien couples. Mick and Megan struggle with their long-distance relationship, Abby's more comfortable with her new romance.

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The Sea Side Festival has begun in Chesapeake Shores, complete with games, a bandstand, a bonfire, and an evening dance. Luke has added something special to the experience: a “Mr. Mystic” fortune telling machine he found in storage at the Bridge. Bree joins him at the machine and receives a card that reads “The Love of Your Life is Right Before Your Eyes.” She doesn’t reveal her fortune, so Luke plays next, receiving an identical fortune. Bree rolls her eyes and guesses Luke is responsible, but he blames “Mr. Mystic.”

In Los Angeles, Megan gets a video call from Mick at 5 in the morning, since Mick can’t get the time zones straight. He’s having trouble sleeping and has other withdrawal symptoms, but still won’t call himself addicted. “I came close,” he tells Megan, who doesn’t believe Mick has recovered so quickly. Once they hang up, it’s evident Mick feels worse than ever.

At the Festival, Evan and Abby also visit the fortune telling machine. They receive the same fortune card that Bree and Luke got, except they read their fortune together. “That is not what I was expecting,” Abby says, awkwardly pocketing the card.

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Mick attends an NA meeting, but only as a listener. He meets another attendee, Ralph, who draws him into conversation and asks when he might be ready to speak up. Mick isn’t there yet, denying he’s an addict. “I’m doing fine,” Mick assures Ralph, who replies, “Keep telling yourself that, Mick.” Later, as Mick is fixing the sink at home, a hidden pill bottle drops to the floor—he must have stashed it there. What will he do?

Kevin gets together with Abby, and even though he doesn’t share his big news directly, Abby guesses that Sarah is pregnant. Kevin is torn, both sad and frightened about their previous experience, but also excited about the possibilities of the future. Meanwhile, Abby is closemouthed about her status with Evan, except to reveal her discomfort at the “love of your life” fortune she received from Mr. Mystic.

After his recent encounter with Abby, Evan talks with Mandrake about scaling back his upcoming date plans. He’s gone way overboard and brings it down a couple of notches, including deciding against a fireworks display. “When it’s time for fireworks, you’ll know it,” Mandrake explains. Later, he brings Abby to a Michelin-star restaurant as a string quartet plays in the background. At first, Abby is impressed. When she realizes that he’s booked the entire restaurant for them to eat alone, she’s not so sure.

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The pills he found earlier weighing heavily on his mind, Mick decides to video call Megan in Los Angeles. He shows her the fortune he received from Mr. Mystic: an exact copy of the one all the O’Briens have received today. She is happy to hear from him but is interrupted by work, so he signs off with a promise to attend another NA meeting tonight.

Hovering in Megan’s doorway, Carter overhears Mick’s comment about NA and questions Megan’s decision to get back together with him. He can’t imagine why Megan would dedicate her life to someone with a drug problem who didn’t want her to follow her dreams. Megan’s anger surfaces and she demands Carter leave, telling him she’ll forget the conversation ever happened.

A little later, Mick is about to break, medication in hand, when he receives another call from Megan. He picks up the call, but before he talks with her, he goes to the sink and gets rid of the pill. Finally, he admits to her that he’s having a hard time. Once they hang up, he breaks down in tears.

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Meanwhile, Connor is going to meet Margaret’s big family for the first time. While he isn’t nervous, Margaret is. She warns him about her father, but Connor stays relaxed despite her concerns. At the dinner table, they question him a bit until Connor goes for one of his lawyer jokes. At the punch line, there is an extended silence… until the family (including Margaret’s father) breaks out in laughter. He feels right at home. After the dinner, Margaret gets the inside scoop and reveals that Connor has passed the Keller test.

At their dinner, Abby finally admits to Evan that she’s a little overwhelmed, not only by the overly romantic surroundings, but also their fortune. She’s spent so much time as a wife or a girlfriend that she just wants to be herself. Evan connects with her feelings for the opposite reasons; he’s spent most of his life alone and would be perfectly happy if they could just be two separate people, together. Her eyes light up. They both agree that their high-pressure dating is not working and decide to tone down the romance.

While they share a meal, Luke tells Bree that he hasn’t had any luck finding a new place to live. Bree ends up steering the conversation back to their shared fortune, prodding Luke to confess to planting the two messages as a joke. The more she tries, the more irritated he becomes, until finally he gets up and leaves Bree at the table, alone.

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At the festival, Sarah and Kevin meet up with Jess and Bree, revealing that they, too, have received an identical fortune. Bree realizes she’s made a mistake by accusing Luke of lying to her. She sees him working on the Mr. Mystic machine, reshuffling the fortunes, and goes to him. She tells him she came on too strong with him earlier, explaining she has trust issues. She wants to work through them with him, but he’s not interested. He has his own issues -- with people who don’t trust him.

When Mick attends his NA meeting that night, he decides to stand and share for the first time. “My name is Mick, and I am an addict.” He finally begins to tell his story to the group.

Night has fallen, and Abby and Evan stroll through the festival. The pressure is off and they’re enjoying being together. When Evan asks Abby to dance, she declares after all her denial, she really does like romance! It turns out, so does Evan. They kiss sweetly as fireworks begin to explode over the water. “Now it’s time for fireworks,” Evan murmurs as they hold each other close.