Recap: It's Not For Me to Say - Season 6 - Episode 7

Recap: It's Not For Me to Say - Season 6 - Episode 7

Recap: It's Not For Me to Say - Season 6 - Episode 7

Kevin learns something new while David questions what he thought was true. Bree finds she and Luke share a birthday. Kevin discovers the gender of the baby. David confronts his father.

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At the O’Brien house, Evan arrives to visit Abby after a week away in Iceland. He had meant to be gone longer, but lately, he’s been more interested in staying close to home. Abby jokingly says, “Aw, it sounds like you love me,” but before Evan can respond, Mick interrupts them with a request for Abby. Evan is flustered and departs without answering her. Mick wants to know how Abby would feel if he asked Megan to move back into the house with him. Abby isn’t so sure that he should go there so early in his recovery, but Mick doesn’t consider it a new relationship. They already have five kids together! Abby gives her blessing.

At the B&B, David sees a video of his father finally being extradited from the Maldives. David had been expecting it, but the reality is a different story. His family will be torn apart yet again, but Jess wants to focus on the good things they have and move forward with their lives. Soon a court-appointed lawyer calls because Dennis wants to see his son. Jess encourages David to follow through with the visit so he can get closure.

Bree and Luke have breakfast at a café, where they debate the idea of “soulmates.” Bree doesn’t buy the concept, but Luke is on the fence. As the continue talk of their differences, they discover that they share an upcoming birthday. They each commit to no gifts or celebration of any kind: it will be an ordinary day.

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Kevin reveals to Bree that through an accident of bad timing at the doctor’s office, he’s discovered the gender of his baby. He’s kept the secret from Sarah so far, but Bree knows he is terrible at keeping secrets. Meanwhile, Bree tells Kevin about her shared birthday with Luke, and asks Kevin to tell Luke to definitely not get her a gift.

At a special romantic dinner, Mick invites Megan to move in with him. Her first instinct is to bring up his recovery, but he deflects her concerns, focusing on how much sense it would make for them to be together. But focusing on the practicalities isn’t the right reason for Megan, who turns him down flat.

Abby tells Kevin the story of the uncomfortable encounter with Evan, when he fled after Abby suggested that he loved her. Kevin doesn’t have great advice for her, and in turn brings up the situation with the baby. Abby immediately recognizes that he found out the baby’s gender, to his frustration. He really is terrible at keeping secrets.

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Jess asks Mick for advice on her financial plan, since she has been consistently turned down for a loan by all the banks in the area. His recommendation is to just keep trying since her plans are solid. They also discuss the fact that Megan won’t be moving in with Mick, but Jess throws Mick’s advice back to him. “Just keep trying.”

David meets with his father in prison, giving voice to all the anger and frustration he’s been bottling up for months. His father tries to express his love, but David won’t listen. Dennis keeps at it, telling David to meet with the CFO of his company to try and unravel the truth. He begs David to go to his apartment to get a flash drive, hidden in a safe with a combination only David would know. That single detail is enough to make David reconsider his position. Later, after David goes through the contents of his father’s flash drive, he tells Jess he believes his father really was framed.

Kevin goes to his father to discuss his baby conundrum. Mick talks about his own early experiences with parenthood, explaining that he was relieved to have a daughter first. He had a poor relationship with his own father and didn’t know how he would raise a son. As they continue to talk, Kevin asks how Mick would feel about having a grandson. Mick is moved, replying, “I’d be very proud, and I would spoil that kid rotten.”

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Megan is startled at the O’Brien house when Mick shows off something she’s always wanted: a newly built cross between a pergola and a gazebo in the yard by the water. He’s carved “Mick and Megan” into a set of Adirondack chairs to match. He explains that he wants them to share their lives, not just the practicalities. Megan is deeply touched, but she needs a little more time to think it through.

Abby and Evan meet to go over work projects and she invites him to come to a dinner. Then Evan brings up the “love” conversation from the other day and turns the question to Abby, asking if she loves him. Neither wants to be the first to say the words, so they commit to reveal the truth at the same time. But Abby gets Evan to confess his love first, only to quickly declare that she feels the same way, despite her fears.

Bree and Luke meet on their shared birthday, and because she assumed that Luke would get her a gift despite her requests otherwise, she presents him a terrarium for his cacti. But Luke has to admit he didn’t get her anything. She is mortified and takes her gift back, asking for him to forget the whole thing. But Luke’s got her number; a waitress appears with an ice cream cake decorated with the words, “Happy Birthday to Luke and Not to Bree.” It’s mint chocolate chip (her favorite). He offers to share, and they enjoy their no-gift birthday together.

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At home, Kevin is startled when Sarah says that she thinks they’re having a girl. As she continues to talk about baby names, she eventually notices that he’s hiding something and drags the truth out of him: he knows the baby’s gender. She is thrilled when he finally shares that it’s a boy.

The family arrives at the O’Brien house for the non-birthday celebration for Bree and Luke. While there, Kevin makes his big announcement: they’re having a boy! There are hugs all around for the happy parents-to-be. Abby’s daughter Carrie makes her own announcement of her eagerly-anticipated DNA results, a combination of a little Greek, a little Welsh, and a whole lot of Irish. Evan decides he might do his own DNA test; he’s embracing the idea of family. And Megan slyly tells Mick she’s moving in by leaving her luggage upstairs in his room. He joins her at their “pergabo” as they join hands and gaze out over the water, together.