Recap: I Get a Kick Out of You - Season 6 - Episode 8

Recap: I Get a Kick Out of You - Season 6 - Episode 8

Recap: I Get a Kick Out of You - Season 6 - Episode 8

Secrets are exposed to reveal the past can't be escaped. A DNA test reveals a location for Evan's father. Jess hosts a historical reenactment. A Hollywood star comes to offer Bree a movie deal.

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Connor and Margaret pose for new website images, photographed by their assistant, Harper. Together, they proudly admire their new shingle where it hangs in front of their office: Keller & O’Brien.

At the construction office, Abby invites Evan to Sarah’s baby shower and he agrees to attend (and buy his own gift). He receives the results of his genetic test and is startled to discover he may have relatives on his father’s side that he never knew about. He is anxious about this news and does not want to look into it further.

David and Jess continue to discuss the evidence that he came into possession about his father’s potential innocence. David has talked with his father’s friend Byron, who also believes Dennis is innocent. David decides to go to Connor for advice.

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At the O’Brien house, Abby and Bree are comically unnerved by their happy parents who are clearly enjoying living together. Bree has news: Oscar-winner Miranda Livingston is coming to visit to talk about the adaptation of Bree’s book. Bree has a plan to make sure that Miranda is the right person to adapt the story. Later, Bree spends time with Miranda at a local restaurant and is surprised at her easy-going, thoughtful behavior. There is little of the expected diva on display. After the meal, Bree stops in to see the waitress, who by her request, deliberately messed up Miranda’s order. Bree is impressed that even with the mistake, Miranda left the server a huge tip.

Sarah and Kevin visit the doctor to make sure a recent pain is normal as her pregnancy progresses; it turns out everything is fine. The physician is impressed by Kevin’s medical knowledge and educated diagnosis of her symptoms.

Miranda observes Bree at work with her students. Following the class, she offers some public speaking pointers that, while insightful, are hard for Bree to swallow. As she recounts the experience to Luke, he helps Bree to understand that the recommendations were constructive criticism and meant to help. Bree invites Luke to Sarah’s baby shower, but Luke has plans to visit his parents’ graves, since it’s his mother’s birthday. He needs to spend some time alone there.

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After looking at the evidence David presents, Margaret recommends that he share it with the FBI right away. Connor thinks that Dennis may not even have to go to court. When Agent Malik visits David at the B&B, she appreciates the information he’s shared, but the FBI will be moving forward with charges anyway. While Dennis is going to need a good lawyer, David has been unable to find someone to take the case.

As Evan practices an old hobby, magic, with Carrie and Caitlyn, Abby and Mandrake catch up. Abby asks why Evan is resisting searching for additional family members. Mandrake shares that Evan has been alone a long time. The idea of the closeness of family makes him feel vulnerable.

Bree goes shopping for a gift for Sarah, and when Connor can’t go with her, Margaret arrives in his place. Bree is intrigued and digs for information about their relationship, so Margaret shares that things are going very well. Margaret finally inspires Bree to find a gift for Sarah and the baby that suits her: a collection of books that remind her of the parents-to-be.

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The joyous, game-filled baby shower is held at the firehouse. Luke stops by but makes his departure to go to his mother’s grave. As the family members mingle, Evan asks Bree about Miranda Livingston’s visit. Bree admits that she’s starting to warm up to her. But it makes her uncomfortable to allow another person so close to herself and to her family. Evan can relate.

After getting together with Byron Steigers to discuss his father, David is more distraught than ever not to be able to find a good lawyer. But Jess is convinced that they’ll be able to make it through their challenges with some creative thinking, just like Jess has been doing lately at the B&B.

Evan has coffee with Mandrake and Abby at the O’Brien house. He shares what he knows about his mother, Molly, who raised him as a single parent. He’d used to ask her about his father, but his mom never provided any concrete information. Evan believes his father just walked away. “Now it’s this Pandora’s box,” he explains, “and I don’t know if I should open it.” Mandrake shares words of wisdom that help Evan commit to a decision. He’s sending Mandrake to Florida to find his family.

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After the baby shower, there is a series of surprising revelations. Kevin has something serious to discuss with Sarah. He wants to go back to medical school and become a doctor. David has also come to a decision: he goes to Connor and Margaret and asks them to take his father’s case. Mandrake returns from Florida with more than just information—he has brought Evan’s father back, in person.

Most shocking of all, Luke stops for gas on his way home from visiting the graves of his parents. As he browses through the store, a gunman barges in and robs the cashier. Luke can’t stand by and let it happen, encouraging the thief to leave. But the man resists, so Luke jumps him. As they wrestle for the gun, a single shot rings out.