Recap: Happy Trails - Season 5 - Episode 4

Recap: Happy Trails - Season 5 - Episode 4

Recap: Happy Trails - Season 5 - Episode 4

Jess and David host visitors in town for the traditional Snallygaster hunt. Meanwhile, Mick and Thomas revisit a weekend-long hiking trip from their youth.

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Connor is honored with an invite to have cocktails in firm partner Bob’s office. However, Connor becomes suspicious of the gesture when Bob asks if Connor ever worked for his father in a legal capacity.

Thomas and Mick prepare for a hike on the Appalachian trail. David and Jess drop off some provisions for their hike. They share they are booked solid at the inn due to Snallygaster hunters. Some argue the creature is an urban legend, however Jess jokes her father and uncle should be aware of them on the trail.

While working on Saturday at the office, Connor happily accepts a muffin Margaret brings him along with some files to sign. She asks if he has a lock on his drawer. Margaret warns even if he does that he should not store any documents with sensitive information in it as there may be more than one key. Connor asks if she is trying to warn him of something. She subtly says all property (even private) is accessible to the law firm.

Megan and Abby drop Mick and Thomas at the trail entry. Megan suddenly becomes nervous. Was it a good idea to send two sixty-year-old men into the woods alone? Abby has a question for her: are she and Mick back together? Megan simply says they are dating, and it is nice. She wonders if Abby is okay with it. Abby approves.

Connor drops by Abby’s office. He didn’t want to call from his desk. He warns his law firm is representing Dilpher. He was told there would be a firewall around him but does not know, given the questions and Margaret’s warning, if that is true. Abby agrees he may need to be careful.

Captain Gahagan has made chili for the firehouse. He again calls Kevin Carl. Kevin corrects him and the captain brushes it off, saying of course he knows his name. Sarah and Kevin find the chili it hard to eat and not because of the spicy heat. Kevin discovers the captain accidentally used baking soda instead of salt. Kevin expresses his concern over the captain’s behavior to Sarah. Sarah chalks it up to the captain working too hard.

While hiking, Thomas and Mick talk about their father. The conversation quickly turns to Mick being their father’s favorite, which impacted Thomas to this day.

Jess and David feed the Snallygaster hunters snally snacks, aka cornbread muffins. They are happy for the business and want to keep the hunters happy. Megan loves the treats and thinks they may be her way into striking up a relationship with Driscoll. She wants to bring him back as one of the foremost landscape artists in the world. She takes the snally snacks to his home and states as a former curator at The Metropolitan Museum of art, she wants to help promote his work. Driscoll is not interested in her pitch, but he certainly helps himself to the muffins.

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Thomas thinks they have reached the same boulder they hiked to as teens; however, the drop is a little steeper than he remembers. Thomas stumbles. Mick tries to catch him but ends up falling himself. After the tumble, Mick seems fine, but Thomas’ ankle is sprained. Mick starts to say “walk it off” but Thomas shuts him down. He hates the phrase as their father used to say it all the time. Mick tries to go back up the hill for help but just ends up rolling back down.

Jess tells Abby she wants a traditional wedding cake, but David wants cupcakes. Abby is distracted and frustrated by Evan Kincaid’s constant calls and texts. Jess steers the conversation back to the wedding, asking if Abby plans to bring a plus one to the wedding. Maybe Jay?

Kevin finds a flustered Captain Gahagan in his office. He cannot find his keys. The captain asks Kevin to grab him an iced tea from the mini fridge. Kevin opens the fridge and finds iced tea - and the keys! The captain laughs it off. Kevin, however, is now really concerned.

Connor meets Abby at a build site to help her with a client document. She has a copy of a deed but wants help to track down the original. Connor agrees to help her find it back at the office if she buys him dinner. Suddenly, he becomes concerned about a man snapping pictures nearby – is he being followed? Abby recognizes the man as the County inspector who routinely photographs work sites for permits. Connor admits he is paranoid with everything going on at the firm.

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Evan Kincaid calls Abby from his treadmill. She tells him it is not a good time to talk as she is heading into her daughters’ Taekwondo class. Evan says he thought about trying Taekwondo and then hangs up the call. As Abby proudly watches her daughters’ practice, their coach, Amy, senses Abby is stressed. She offers up the punching bag for Abby to hit a few times. Abby gives it a few punches and feels much better. Amy encourages Abby to try their adult classes.

Kevin, sensing something is off, visits Captain Gahagan’s office to ask if he is feeling okay. He does not want to overstep but the captain has been forgetting a lot of stuff lately. The captain appreciates his concern and admits to being a little overwhelmed by work. He asks Kevin to remind him of things he forgets. Kevin agrees to do just that. However, the captain would appreciate it if Kevin kept this arrangement to himself.

Connor stops by Abby’s office to help her find the original deed for a client. As they go through boxes, Abby finds several contracts from when Dilpher was working with their father. One is dated on Kevin’s 7th birthday, a memorable one as they went to Disney World. Kevin recognizes that Mick’s signature on the original contract from that date must be a forgery. Mick was not in town to sign it. It is evidence Dilpher framed their father and could possibly clear him of the scandal.

At The Bridge, Luke gets a visit from his parole officer, Bennet. Bennet is upset Luke is not being upfront with his employers about his felony. It’s what caused him to get fired from his last job. He warns if Luke does not tell the truth, it is a violation of his parole. Luke confirms he has told Mick. Bennet leaves stating he will see Luke at their appointment on the 20th.

Mick and Thomas limp their way up the trail. Two young brothers ask if they can help them on the trail. Just then they find the boulder from their picture. They made it! The boys offer to take their photo next to it after seeing the original photo.

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Jess and David watch their guests head out for a Snallygaster hunt. David cannot understand why they believe this folklore. Jess says it is not about believing, it’s about wanting to believe there is more to life than what meets the eye. Later, when they join the hunt, they talk about wedding desserts. Just as they agree on both a cake and cupcakes, they hear the loud cry of animal. David shrieks and ducks narrowly dodging a passing owl. Jess laughs to herself as it clearly seems David believes in the Snallygaster.

Upon Amy’s advice, Abby participates in an adult Taekwondo class. Several kicks and punches allow her to let out her frustrations before the class even begins.

Mick and Thomas return home. Megan, seeing Thomas on crutches, asks, “What happened?” They show her the picture they took at the boulder. Megan looks at the photo and has some bad news. It does not look like they found the same boulder. Mick disagrees and the brothers start bickering.