Recap: Are the Stars Out Tonight? - Season 5 - Episode 3

Recap: Are the Stars Out Tonight? - Season 5 - Episode 3

Recap: Are the Stars Out Tonight? - Season 5 - Episode 3

O'Brien Construction's eccentric billionaire client, Evan Kincaid, comes to town and throws Abby and Mick off their game.

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Megan asks Connor and Bree to help select a centerpiece for Jess and David’s wedding. Bree, in a rush says she likes them all, justifying her non-answer by stating as a teacher she must learn appreciates all sides of a story. Connor, also in a rush randomly says, “That one,” pointing to no particular arrangement. Abby and Mick are also preoccupied with the Kincaid project - they just got word of asbestos in the pipes on the property. However, Abby is still able to select the perfect bouquet.

Later that morning at work, Connor prepares to weigh in on the MacLeod case in front of firm partner, Robert Lewis. He shares that Judge Martinez is assigned to the discrimination case and starts to dive into his research on him. Lewis stops him and applauds his ingenuity, rewarding Connor with a spot as second chair to Linda on the case.

Mick buys Megan a painting at a consignment store for $8. However, she notices it may be a print by the famed Arthur Driscoll, whose work was popular in the ‘60s. Driscoll stopped painting in the ‘70s and just disappeared.

At the firehouse, Kevin asks fire Captain Gahagan to train him in swimming for the Chesapeake Shores Day Triathlon. They seem to be connecting until the captain calls Kevin, “Carl.” Sarah and Kevin have a laugh over it and realize they’ll be competing against each other in the triathlon, Husband vs. Wife.

Abby places a stern call to Kincaid’s office. She needs to talk to him about the asbestos issue and if he does not call her back their deal is off. Her Uncle Thomas overhears the heated conversation and checks if she is okay. He sees she is upset and wonders if part of it is over the Dilpher case. She is honest that is has been weighing on her but changes the subject back to Thomas and his work. She even suggests she and Mick set Thomas up in one of their Baltimore properties.

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Linda takes Connor as her second chair on the MacLeod Discrimination case. As Linda argues the case, Judge Martinez asks for Connor’s opinion. At first, he is flustered but is finally able to present a cogent argument as to why women are equally as strong as men and deserve equal pay. Linda and Margaret are impressed. Connor thanks Margaret at she helped him craft his argument.

Megan gets artist Arthur Driscoll on the phone and lets him know she has found one of his paintings. He curtly congratulates her and hangs up. Megan is confused by Driscoll’s response.

A flustered Abby explains to Mick that Kincaid responded to her tough call and will be reaching out any moment to talk about their strategy for his property. Suddenly, Evan Kincaid calls from the side of a mountain. He wants to pull the project out of Chesapeake and move to another location. Abby quickly argues that Evan should stay in Chesapeake. He appreciates her passion and says they should talk more about the project in person. He’ll be in Chesapeake this weekend.

At The Bridge, Thomas swings by to chat with Mick. He wants to see how he is doing and mentions Abby’s office space offer. They table the conversation as Luke drops by to see about work. Mick says its perfect timing as he could use a hand. Luke proves to be a worthy hire as he has some electrical skills. He jokes he is a jack of all trades and master of none.

Abby and Mick have a chat. He knows Abby pitched Thomas a property for his new office. Mick wishes Abby had run it by him first as he’d like to keep out of business with Thomas as their relationship is going well. Abby wonders if something else may be bothering him – maybe the Dilpher case and Kincaid? Mick admits both are weighing on him.

Back at the courthouse Connor successfully and impressively argues just how MacLeod discriminated against female employees.

At the Kincaid building site Evan arrives on a hoverboard to discuss the pipe issue. Evan finds Chesapeake Shores beautiful and wonders why he did not know about it sooner. Abby presents the facts on the build and Evan decides to stay a few days. Abby and Mick find Evan to be very rich and very eccentric in his communication style and decision making.

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Margaret congratulates Connor on his job well done in court. However, she reminds him to look out for the sharks. As he heads back to his office, Linda passes by him with a troubling client – Dilpher!

At the University, Bree and Jerome catch up on her lesson plan. Jerome uses the time alone to ask if the character Mark in her book was based on him. Bree in a roundabout way says yes. She wonders how Jerome found himself in academia instead of politics – which he seemed to be destined for in high school. He says reading “The Great Gatsby” changed him.

Kevin helps Megan get her bike ready for triathlon training. As he works, Megan shares how she found Arthur Driscoll’s Chesapeake home nearby. Kevin asks if she’ll go over to his house. Megan is not sure as Driscoll already hung up on her once.

Abby gets a call from Evan stating he is leaving town and will not be sticking around for a soil test since he is no longer going to build his hotel in Chesapeake Shores. Abby is shocked. Jay finds the overwhelmed Abby and helps her calm down by taking a moment to breath and smell the freshly baked cornbread at Sally’s.

Connor talks to Linda about Paul Dilpher being a client. Connor cannot believe he was not consulted as it seems like a conflict of interest for the firm to represent Dilpher. Linda assures they will be building a firewall around Connor and this case. They do not want him distracted from the MacLeod case as he is doing an impressive job.

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Bree is preparing to teach a creative writing course and seeks Kevin’s advice on her introduction to the class. She is nervous as college students can be very judgmental.

Megan goes over to Driscoll’s house to get confirmation the painting she purchased is one of his works. Driscoll wonders how much she paid for it. She lets him know $8. He states she paid too much and closes his door.

At The Bridge Luke tells Mick he appreciates the job offer, but he has not been straight with Mick. He admits to having a parole officer he must report to regularly. Luke sees Mick’s disappointment and tries to run away. Mick chases him and tells him not to run away and just be upfront with him. Luke admits after the death his mother, his drinking got out of control. During a drunken incident at a bar, he hit a man who nearly died from the blow. Luke got charged with assault and battery. Mick tells him that he just wants Luke to be honest with him and do his job. Together they’ll figure out the rest. Luke is touched by Mick’s trust.

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Abby finds Evan at the local putt putt golfing and gives him a reason not to pull out the deal. The soil can be replaced, and she feels it would be a smart choice to keep construction in Chesapeake. Evan will consider her pitch if he sinks a putt. Lucky for Abby, he sinks it.

Mick and Thomas decide over a beer it may be a good idea after all for Thomas to take their lot in Baltimore for his office space. Nearby, Abby and Megan look at old family photo albums with pictures of Mick and Thomas as kids. It gives them the idea to go on a hike together and camp like they used to when they were younger.

Suddenly, Abby gets a text that Evan is outside. Evan is going to go ahead with the build – but Abby must be point on the project. Abby is hesitant as Mick usually handles the construction side. However, Evan wants Abby to lead as she does not like him, and he does not particularly like her. She will tell him the truth, not just what he wants to hear. It’s the perfect working relationship. Evan smiles to himself and thinks this is going to be great. Abby, on the other hand, is not so sure what she has gotten herself into.