Recap: A Kiss Is Still a Kiss - Season 5 - Episode 1

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Recap: A Kiss Is Still a Kiss - Season 5 - Episode 1

As the O'Brien family welcomes Bree home from London, Abby thinks back to her conversation with Trace after their kiss on the beach.

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Bree returns from England. She is surprised to learn, in a private chat with Abby and Jess, their parents have been getting close. Bree asks Abby, what happened with Trace? Abby simply says she is focusing on herself for once, instead of a man, and it is empowering. Abby flashes back to the moment on the beach when she kissed Trace. She is called out of the memory when a tea delivery arrives. She uses it as an excuse to dodge further answering Bree’s question.

Later, Kevin is excited Sarah may be pregnant. Sarah just asks for one thing; he leave the naming of the baby up to her.

Connor is doing well at the law firm. His boss, Linda, shares he has impressed some of the partners. He also meets a new paralegal extraordinaire, Margaret. They find a lot in common, both come from big families, are second from the last and always caught in the middle.

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Jess meets Bree for lunch and advice. She is nervous about a visit from David’s parents. Bree needs some advice of her own. The University of Maryland wants her to be their playwright in residence. However, she is hesitant to consider it as the department is run by her high school nemesis Jerome.

Back at the Inn, a nervous David and Jess prepare for his parents, Dennis, and Deidre, to arrive. They are staying at the B&B and Jess hopes it will help them respect their business and decision to get married here at home. David insists they take baby steps, the first of which is to tell his parents about their wedding plans in a public place so they do not make a scene.

While relaxing on the patio, Abby is surprised by a bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream from her mom who joins her for a moment. Megan wants Abby to know she is here for her. Just then Abby has another flashback of her kiss with Trace. It turns out it was a kiss goodbye as Abby does not believe marriage is what he wants, and she cannot go through another divorce.

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Kevin and Mick work to put a porch swing up. Kevin asks Mick, are he and mom back together? Kevin thought their reuniting would bother him. However, he has found no problem with it after seeing how happy they are together. Kevin shares he and Sarah are trying for baby. Mick assures he will be a good dad. He asks Kevin to do him a favor: enjoy time alone with Sara and make memories together now because when kids come, things change. Mick is inspired after his chat with Kevin to ask Megan out on a date.

Moments later, Kevin runs into a former classmate, Luke, who is working at the gas station. He disappeared after high school and Kevin wonders how long he has been back. Luke is not open to catching up and abruptly asks Kevin to leave.

During a walk Jay wants Abby to know he is around for her and will be there when she has processed what happened with Trace. Abby appreciates it and lets Jay know he is a sweet guy. Jay is concerned “you’re a sweet guy” is usually followed by “but can we just be friends.” Abby confirms, there is no but.

At dinner, Jess and David tell his parents their wedding plans. David knows the Peck family tradition is a wedding in Wales, but he and Jess want to get married here at home. Surprisingly, David’s parents do not put up a fight. Dennis and Deidre immediately give their blessing – a little too easily.

Nearby Mick enjoys a dinner date with Megan until Dilpher and his wife show up. Dilpher tries to talk to Mick as he feels they are in this nasty business scandal together. An upset Mick makes it clear to Dilpher he had nothing to do with the bad decisions he made on his own. Mick refuses to be dragged down with him. Dilpher argues otherwise and says he will testify if necessary, prompting Mick and Megan to leave. Dilpher warns Mick will be hearing from his attorney.

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Mick apologizes to Megan for being a lousy date. Megan assures Mick he is a good man and everyone in town knows it.

At The Bridge, Bree, Kevin, and Connor toast each other just as Abby arrives. They toast to Abby being able to survive working with dad. Bree checks if Abby is okay being at The Bridge. Abby says she is fine and goes to grab a drink from the bar. Connor admits to feeling nervous about a big case at work. Meanwhile, at the bar Abby imagines the bartender is Trace. She remembers again how her kiss on the beach with Trace turned into a huge fight. She is pulled out from the memory when Kevin approaches and asks if she is okay.

The next day while on a run, Kevin notices Luke is living out of his car.

At work, Connor invites Margaret to share her perspective as a woman of color on his unfair wage discrimination case.

At the dock Mick and Dennis have a toast to David and Jess getting married. Dennis explains the Peck family always has a destination wedding at their ancestral home in Wales. He wants Mick to talk to Jess about changing David’s mind to try and persuade him to get married there.

Meanwhile, Jess and her soon to be mother-in-law Deidre take a walk. Deidre tells Jess to call her mom and explains Jess is not just marrying a man, she is marrying a Peck, which comes with responsibility. She wants to make sure Jess is protected and she get a prenup. She has had one drawn up and offers to leave it in Jess’s room.

At school, ahead of a parent teacher conference Abby appreciates how Jay supports her daughter Kerry’s artwork.

Mick and Abby review the details of a boutique hotel project that is moving forward. Mick says the big shot bringing in the project wants to add a micro-brewery. Abby is excited for the project as it will bring jobs to town. Something about this developer rubs Mick the wrong way; he seems stubborn and thinks the only good ideas are his own. Abby jokes he sounds a lot like Mick.

In a boardroom, Connor shares thoughts on the unfair wage case. His boss Linda is called out of the meeting to meet with another client – Dilpher! Linda tells him she is working on something his case can use, an inside track on Mick O’Brien. She reveals to Dilpher that Connor is one of their newest associates.

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At the O’Brien house, Bree has decided not to meet with Jerome for the University job. However, to quell any chance Jerome intends for her to fail, she decides to prove she is qualified to be the best playwright in residence they have ever had at the University. A few moments later, Bree has a moment alone with Abby and asks point blank what happened with Trace. In a flashback we find Abby does not want to keep trying to recreate a relationship with Trace that is not built to last. She wants him to chase his dream and stop chasing her as what they had was beautiful but it’s not going anywhere. It’s over. Snapping back to reality, Abby tells Bree a few days after their fight, Trace left.