Photographs and Memories

Back at the B&B, Meg confronts Jess about their relationship. Megan knows she will never be able to explain what happened in the past but she promises her daughter that she’s not going away. She hands Jess a DVD, tells her that she loves her and leaves.

At the cemetery, Mick sits at his father’s headstone for a conversation with his dad. Mick tearfully tells his father how much he needs his advice right now. As he talks, the priest approaches Mick to offer him guidance. When asked how the priest knew he would be at the cemetery, the priest tells him that Thomas had been at the cemetery earlier having a similar conversation with their father.

Later in the day, Abby walks into Trace’s yard and finds Trace sitting at a table, set for a romantic dinner, complete with roses and champagne. As she takes in the scene, Trace tells her that while he’s unsure of the future, he’s certain that Chesapeake Shores will always be home.

Out on the beach, Kevin and Bree sit around a bonfire, preparing to burn mementos of their past. Bree tells Kevin that the fire is a metaphor for saying goodbye to the past and ushering in the future. For Kevin, this means saying goodbye to Georgia and making space in his heart for someone new. For Bree, this means letting go of Martin, Chicago, and the old bookstore. Bree reveals that she needed to take this step because earlier in the day, she signed the lease to take over the old bookstore. Kevin is surprised and happy for his sister’s new business and her new future. Their celebration is interrupted when the same firewoman from the farmer’s market approaches Bree and Kevin. She pulls out her pad and writes them a ticket for starting an illegal bonfire. As she hands Kevin the ticket, she winks at him and turns to leave. Kevin is perplexed until he sees her motion him to turn the ticket over. On the backside of the ticket, he sees that she has written her phone number.

That night at the B&B, Jess sits alone in the dark, clicking through the website her mother built. As she does, she begins to watch the DVD her mother left. On the disk is the first day of school video Megan made with Jess years before. In the video, when the young Jess is asked what she wants to be when she grows up, she responds that she wants to be just like her mom. Watching her younger self, Jess smiles as the tears flow down her cheeks.

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