Photographs and Memories

Later on that day, Bree asks Kevin about his relationship with Georgia. Kevin reveals that the distance has been hard on their relationship. Since they met in a combat zone, it was easier for he and Georgia to focus on the future and not the present. Now in the present, Georgia and Kevin have very little to actually talk about. Bree asks why Kevin keeps calling. Kevin reveals that Georgia asked him the same thing. He then tells Bree that Georgia’s decided to end the relationship and will be sending Kevin his things.

Later at the park, Jess and Abby sit and watch as the girls play. Abby tells Jess that thing have gotten better for the girls at school and they’ve now made many friends. Jess asks if Abby has any regrets about moving home, but Abby is sure she’s made the right choice. Abby then asks about Jess’s relationship with their mother. Jess tells her that she’s frustrated because their mother is only doing the things she wants to do at the inn, including making a website. Abby laughs and reveals to Jess that their mother doesn’t know anything about making a website. Megan called the IT department at Abby’s firm and has had them helping her through the process. Jess then realizes that she’s been wrong and that Megan is sincere in her desire to help her.

Back at the inn, Trace is helping with some repairs when Megan takes the opportunity to ask him if he plans on moving back to Nashville. He tells her no and assures her that his home is in Chesapeake Shores. As he answers her questions, Trace realizes that Megan is asking because she knows Abby is worried. Megan believes Trace is being sincere and suggests Trace try a more creative approach to easing Abby’s doubts.

In an open field on the O’Brien family trust, Thomas arrives to talk to Mick about the land. Mick wants to know why Thomas won’t just sell him his portion of the land and use the money for environmental causes. Unmoved by Mick’s idea, Thomas tells him that preserving the natural beauty of the land is more important than money.