Photographs and Memories

Later that night, Caitlyn and Carrie sit with their grandmother to film their video about their first day of school. When Megan asks them about their day, the girls both frown and tells her they want to go home to New York. Before school the next day, the girls tell their family that despite everything they tried, the other kids wouldn’t talk to them. Abby does her best to try and assure them that their second day will be better than the first.

Later in the day, Megan is helping Jess shoot a promo video for the B&B. Jess is having a hard time just being herself in front of the camera and her mother’s presence is only making things worse. Jess quickly reaches her breaking point and storms off. After some time, Jess walks into the kitchen and finds her mother photographing the flowers. Despite Megan’s efforts, Jess is still not ready to have her mother in her life. She lashes out at Megan, accusing her of trying to force her help on Jess. Jess tells her that help won’t be enough for Jess to forgive her for not being in there when she really needed her.

At Sally’s, Trace sees Wes sitting at a table and politely says hello. Wes remarks that he’s surprised to see Trace without his significant other, Leigh. Hoping to avoid confrontation, Trace turns to leave, but Wes continues to accuse Trace of making Chesapeake Shores his temporary home before taking off for Nashville again. Only this time, it’s personal for Wes because this time, his daughters are involved. Trace raises his voice, only to realize the argument is causing a scene. Before thing gets out of control, Trace turns and storms out.
Back at the club, Leigh and Trace are working on their new single. As they work through the song, Trace stops to ask if he and Leigh are still on good terms. Leigh assures him that their relationship is purely professional and that she has no plans of staying in Chesapeake Shores.