Photographs and Memories

As Wes and Abby walk the girls to school, Wes catches a glimpse of his daughter’s new watches. The girls cheerfully tell their dad that Trace gave them the watches as a gift for their first day of school. After the girls walk off to their classrooms, Wes turns to Abby and begins asking her about her relationship with Trace. He’s angry that Abby is allowing the girls to get close to Trace when he thinks Trace might not always be in the girl’s lives. Annoyed by the implication, Abby dismissively thanks Wes for his concern and walks away.

At Trace’s house, Leigh arrives to find out that Trace got a call feedback about their new single. A few days before, Trace and Leigh finished the last demo they owed their record label. Leigh is stunned to find out that not only were there no problems, but the label loved the song and are already looking for producers to help finish the single. Leigh is thrilled and leaps into Trace’s arms. The label also wants the two of them to return to Nashville as soon as possible.

Outside Sally’s, Mick finds his brother Thomas. The two chat politely, but Thomas knows their meeting is not by chance. Mick is still upset that his brother wants to use a tract of land in the O’Brien Trust to build a park in Chesapeake Shores. Thomas, a lifetime defender of the environment, doesn’t trust his brother to leave the land undeveloped. Mick is hurt but still, hopes he can change his brother’s mind.

At the farmer’s market, Kevin searches for vegetables when he runs into the firewoman who he met on the night of the car crash. The two exchange banter and are surprised by their unique chemistry. Searching the market for Kevin, Bree stumbles unseen on her brother’s interaction. As they walk home from the market she asks Kevin who the mystery woman is, but Kevin still doesn’t know her name. On their walk home, they pass by Bree’s favorite bookstore. Across the front of the store is a Large “Going out of Business” sign. Seeing this chapter of her childhood ending, Bree is overcome with sadness and grief.

On his first day at his new law firm, Connor arrives to immediate criticism from his boss about his choice of tie. His boss tells him the firm expects its employees to conform to a strict code of conduct. Connor quickly realizes this firm may not be the right place for him The next day, Connor confides to his grandmother that he isn’t so sure about the job. Nell offers to help Connor find a new wardrobe to help him make a great impression.

Nearby at the club, Abby meets Trace and he tells her about his new single and the recording session in Nashville. He promises her that he’ll be gone for just three days, but he also tells her that if the single is a hit, he may be gone longer on tour.