Photographs and Memories

On the night before Caitlyn and Carrie’s first day of school, the O’Brien family gather to watch old home videos. The videos are of a family tradition where, on the first day of school, each of the children talked about the experience and said that they wanted to be when they grew up. Before heading to bed, Megan promises her granddaughters that she’ll be back in the morning to record their big day.

The next morning, Abby confides to her grandmother that she’s nervous about the girls starting school in a new town. Gran assures her the girls will be fine and sends Abby off to take them to school. Stepping outside, Abby finds Trace is already there, wishing the girls luck on their first day. He also has a gift for each of them; a watch, so they’ll always know when it’s time to come home. Just then Wes arrives and, taking his cue, Trace leaves so the girls can go to school with their father.

Nearby, Jess is startled as she walks into the kitchen and finds her mom waiting for her. Business at the B&B has been slow since the Little Nell’s wedding. Megan wants to use her experience working at the Met to help her daughter create a new website for the B&B. Megan also thinks Jess needs a catchy new name and suggests “The Inn at Eagle Point.” To Megan’s surprise, Jess reluctantly agrees to her ideas.

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