Pasts and Presents

At the house, Gran wants an update from Jess on the wedding plans at the bed and breakfast. Despite all the obstacles, things are coming together, except for the cake. Jess begs Gran to help her bake one for the big event. Gran declines, citing exhaustion, but hints that Megan could help Jess out. Megan says she would love to give Jess a hand, and the two head to the kitchen and get to work.

On Nell’s wedding day at the bed and breakfast, the O’Brien family gathers to watch their second cousin get married. After the nuptials, Mick tells Trace that he appreciated the tour that Trace gave him of the club. Trace wonders if this means that Mick will give Trace 30 days to come up with the money. Mick says he won’t; instead, he will continue being Trace’s business partner and see that the club gets opened. When Trace asks what made Mick change his mind, Mick says that sometimes business isn’t just business.

Gran grabs some alone time with Jess to congratulate her for pulling off the wedding. She also lets her granddaughter know that maybe it is time to let go of the pain and start embracing joy in her life. Meanwhile, Mick spots his estranged brother, Thomas, and approaches him at the reception. The two shake hands as others look on.

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