Pasts and Presents

Back in Chicago, Bree and Martin sit down with the cast for a read-through of the play. Martin immediately shuts it down when he realizes that Bree replaced his re-writes with her original script. The actors tell Martin they prefer Bree’s original script, prompting Martin to shout that it is his theater company and if it wasn’t for him, Bree would still be living in Chesapeake Shores.

Trace visits his dad at home, where they discuss Mick’s selling of the club. Trace’s dad tries to get Trace to look at the bigger picture, that it is only business. He also makes a generous offer, asking Trace if he wants a loan to buy out Mick. Trace is insistent that he doesn’t want to complicate his relationship further with his dad and says he will figure out a solution on his own.

Meg finds Kevin running on the beach. She is worried her son is pushing himself too far and he confesses that sometimes he doesn’t feel like himself since returning to Chesapeake Shores. Megan suggests Kevin see a therapist, then offers to buy him breakfast at Sally’s. He declines and returns to his jog.

Jess shares a cup of tea with her Gran, where she confesses that putting together the wedding at the B&B is proving to be a disaster. Gran recommends Jess turn to her mother for help since she is so great at planning. Jess balks at the idea.