Pasts and Presents

Kevin helps his mother move into her new house. She asks how his studying for the MCATS is going and brings up Georgia. He says they still talk on the phone, but they are still struggling to find more things to talk about, and he quickly drops the subject. Megan drops a box and immediately the loud noise triggers Kevin; he freezes. When Megan notices Kevin’s behavior, she confronts him and he tries to assure her he is fine.

Trace finds Mick, eager to tell him about the plans he has for the music venue that Mick bought. Mick tells Trace that the timing is bad; because of his new land deal with the O’Brien Family Trust, he is selling the club. Trace begs Mick to re-think the idea. Mick tells him that he already talked to the local beer garden in town, and they are interested in buying the space. When Trace tells Mick he needs the club, Mick apologizes and says the decision is just business, nothing personal.

Later that evening, Abby joins Trace at the club, where he is still furious that Mick is selling the property. Abby tries to play mediator, citing that her father is going to be making money off the sale, but Trace tells Abby life isn’t always about spreadsheets and finances. Trace asks Abby to talk to her dad and convince him to change his mind on the sale. She says she will do her best.

While going through her family’s trust, Abby comes across an old photograph of her parents, but she doesn’t recognize the third person in the photo. When she asks Mick who the mystery man in the photo is, he tells her it is his brother Thomas, when they were young. Mick tells her the two grew apart over time.