Pasts and Presents

Trace and Abby spend the morning together, catching up over coffee. When Trace starts talking about spending the evening recording with Leigh, Abby shows her discomfort and Trace pulls her into a kiss to help ease her mind.

In the city center, Mick and Nell are surprised to see Jess trying on a wedding dress at a bridal shop. When confronted, she explains she is doing it to help out her second cousin, Nell (named after Jess’s grandmother), who is getting married at Jess’s bed and breakfast.

Back at the house, Connor is getting ready for his interview for the DA job in town. He assures his family he doesn’t need a back-up plan and knows that he has the job nailed. Megan shows up unannounced to invite the family to her new house for dinner.

Bree visits Chicago and finds Martin in play rehearsals, giving direction to his actors. She asks if they can go back to her original script, before he made his own revisions. Martin tells her he is sticking with his revisions and believes Bree doesn’t know how to write for women, which causes Bree to go on the defensive. She accuses Martin of making women sound horrible and one-dimensional in his new version of the play.

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