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Once Upon Ever After

Once Upon Ever After

Abby is on the road with Trace while her daughters are with their father for the week. He sneaks in one more kiss before taking to the stage as Abby watches from the side, in awe of the audience cheering him on.

Back in Maine, Bree grabs a glass of wine with Alexandra and they talk about David’s job offer to take over the family company. Bree wants to know why they chose David over Alexandra and she says she was taught to never question her parents. David was taught the same.

In Dallas, Trace’s magazine interview has hit the newsstands and the band gathers around to read it. Abby joins the table and Trace assures her that the magazine makes no mention of Abby or her daughters. Mark shows up and tells Trace that there is a high demand for his band and he wants them to perform ten more minutes on stage, but Trace acknowledges that means going into Donovan’s time.

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