Renewed for Season 5

Currently 31 and 15 at the time of his parents’ divorce. Life comes easy to Kevin O’Brien. Or is it that Kevin O’Brien comes easy to life? While the other O’Brien children were variously weeping and wailing about the divorce, Kevin was shouting with exhilaration – over the Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl win. It wasn’t that Kevin didn’t care; he did, very much. In fact, shortly after the divorce, Kevin packed a suitcase and offered to move to New York and join Megan post-9/11. “I’m worried about mom,” the teen explained to his father. To this day, besides Abby, Kevin has the best relationship with his mother of any of his siblings (which, by the way, is a particularly sore spot between himself and his younger brother, Conner, who always seems to be living in Kevin’s lengthy shadow). Kevin has always shown concern for others and been ever-ready to take up a cause in which he believes he can help. It’s the reason he left med school to enlist. But while his father, Mick, objected strongly, Mick would never say that this fair-haired heir apparent “dropped out” then later became a paramedic. Kevin has deployed three times to Afghanistan and is about to deploy a fourth… after which life will no longer come so easy to Kevin O’Brien.