Renewed for Season 5

Abby's youngest sibling is a bubbling, energetic young woman who talks a mile a minute and changes jobs more often than most people change shirts. Always in hot water, she has relied on Abby to bail her out over the years, and she summons Abby home for her latest crisis. Jess has just bought a beautiful but dilapidated old inn that she intends to transform into a bed and breakfast. But she's maxed out her credit and is poised for financial disaster until Abby offers some assistance. Bull-headed and flighty, Jess still insists on spending money she doesn't have for high-end appliances and fixtures that are sending her into early bankruptcy. She adamantly refuses to accept help from her contractor dad, Mick, but Jess will have to grow up a lot, both personally and professionally, if she hopes to make the inn a success. Meanwhile, she just might have to stop resenting both her parents, whom she bitterly blames for abandoning her when she was still a child.