Sunday October 17 8:00 PM / 7:00c

A beautiful young woman of Irish-American extraction, Abby is the divorced mother of 8-year-old twins. The product of a broken home, Abby left Chesapeake Shores at an early age and started the uphill climb to stellar success. Now one of the top financial analysts in a prestigious investment firm, she returns home for a weekend visit to help out her scatter-brained younger sister, whom she has been bailing out of jams since childhood. Once back home, however, Abby begins to assess her situation afresh. Although her life is seemingly "perfect" to outside observers, Abby is intensely unhappy, tired of the rat-race in which her every move is rigorously planned. Abby begins to realize that her future may not lie in Manhattan, but in a slower and more family friendly field office nearer to the Shores. Abby's meeting with Trace, her old love, complicates her emotions considerably, as does her still-fractious relationship with her workaholic father, Mick. It may finally be time for Abby to mend her fences with her family and put the past to rest. At the same time, she may get a chance to revive her long-lost true love.