Love Eventually

Chesapeake Shores
Love Eventually

Trace arrives back in Nashville with the band and is eager to check into the hotel, settle in, and call Abby. Meanwhile, Abby is in her office with Kevin scouring the internet searching for paparazzi shots of her with her daughters. She even comes across one of her kissing Trace. Her search is interrupted when Kevin receives a phone call that Sarah has been injured on the job and they both rush to the hospital for more details.

The next morning, the firehouse crew joins Kevin and Connor as they wait for news about Sarah. Just then she is wheeled out to a round of applause from her co-workers. She leaps out of the wheelchair to give Kevin a big hug and kiss.

Back at Word Play, Bree is freaking out over the editing process of her manuscript. Meanwhile, Jess is still hopeless about how her visit with David’s parents went. Simon interrupts the sisters to offer to help out Bree with editing, especially since they have the same publisher.

Sarah is with her fire department at The Bridge having celebratory drinks as she tells the story of how she narrowly escaped from a roof falling on her. She pounds a beer then grabs Kevin and drags him to the dance floor. Kevin tells Sarah to slow down and reminds her she doesn’t have to do everything all at once. She immediately gets defensive saying she just wants to dance. Kevin hesitates then joins her on the dance floor.

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