It's Always Nashville

Abby pays Trace a visit as he continues to work on getting the club ready. She begins asking questions about the single he recorded with Leigh which promts Trace to ask if she is okay with him going back to Nashville to pursue his music career. Sensing Abby’s unease, Trace kisses her and assures her they are going to be just fine.

It’s morning at the O’Brien house and Jess has lots of good news about the Inn at Eagle Point. The new name and website are a success and her business is booming. Mick walks in and sternly calls out Bree using her full name. Mick was unaware that Bree was taking over the bookstore and is concerned that Bree might be giving up on her writing career. She tells him she thinks she can run the store and still write. Mick is impressed by her moxy and looks on her with fatherly pride.

In Nashville, Leigh and Trace meet with Mark Hall, the owner of the record lable and founder of the prestigious Studio 17 recording studio. Trace is surprised to learn that Mark has decided to personally produce their new single. Trace is even more stunned to learn that Mark has been a fan of Trace and Leigh’s music for a while and has been following them closely. With their introductions done, Mark takes Trace and Leigh into the studio to start working right away.

Back at Sally’s, Connor and Kevin are finishing their coffee and catching up on their lives. As they talk, Connor spots a beautiful woman standing at the counter and shoots her a cheesy look. Slightly embarrassed, Kevin tries to impart some brotherly wisdom to his brother. Behind them, the woman approaches and instead calls out Connor for his childish attempt to get her attention. Kevin turns to her and immedialty begins to apologize, not for his brother, but for not calling her. Sarah, the firewoman who gave Kevin her number on the beach, was surprised Kevin didn’t call but, not one to hold a grudge, politely reminds him that he stil needs to pay his fine.

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