Home to Roost Part Two

Later at the seaport, Mick and Megan prepare to say goodbye. As they exit the car, Mick asks Megan about the Pandora’s box he opened with this surprise family weekend. Megan isn’t sure what will come of it, but she’s glad Mick did what he did. Mick laughs as he realizes that he and Megan made it almost three days without fighting. They laugh and agree that after this goodbye, they will keep in touch. Megan says ciao and walks off to catch her flight.

Later that night, outside the high school, Mick sits in his car looking at a wall behind the gymnasium. The image is a silhouette of a young woman standing along the shore. In the lower corner of wall, the mural is Abby O’Brien’s signature. His eyes full of tears, Mick sits in his car staring at the mural and realizing the incredible and vibrant world Abby once saw for herself. And for the first time, Mick tries to understand the Abby that Trace knows, and the Abby he’s never bothered to see.

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