Home to Roost Part Two

At the house, Connor and Abby discuss a plan to stop Wes from getting full custody of the girls. As they review documents and discuss plans, Connor begins to play out how the questioning will go in court. What starts out as a playful game quickly turns into very personal questions about Abby’s relationships with Trace. Connor continues to playfully push Abby about her relationship with Trace without realizing that his joking has crossed a line with Abby. Finally, Abby reaches a breaking point and demands that Connor stop. Connor explains that he’s trying to show her what it’ll be like in court but Abby has had enough. She gathers her things and tells him that going through it once will be enough. She storms out leaving Connor to immediately regret what he’s done.

Things for Connor go from bad to worse later when he and his dad are driving through town. Connor has never felt loved by his father and the weekend with his family has brought those emotions to the forefront. Connor angrily accuses his father of using this family gathering as an attempt to mask all their underlying problems. Mick angrily snaps back at Connor telling him that he can go back to New York and do whatever he wants. If Connor doesn’t want to be a part of the O’Brien family, then Mick isn’t going to stop him. Connor tries to regain his composure but it’s too late. Mick opens the car door as Connor tries to gather his emotions. Mick either doesn’t hear or chooses to ignore this and continues walking. Mick suddenly stops and turns, walking back. Connor looks relived until Mick hands him the gas card, tells him to fill the tank and park the car in the driveway.

Back at the B&B, the plumbers are leaving as Mick and Megan arrive. As they reach the door, Bree, Abby and Connor walk out. Bree asks her mom if they can go for a walk and they head off together leaving Connor and Mick alone together. They exchange a few awkward words and Mick prepares to walk away again. But this time Connor moves in for a hug. They hug, but instead of pulling away, Connor holds onto his father. The two hold onto each other in a much needed sign that they really do love each other.