Home to Roost Part Two

It’s morning in Chesapeake Shores when Mick steps outside to fetch his newspaper, glancing across his yard at the beauty surrounding him. He turns to walk inside but before he can shut the door, Connor races down the stairs, grabs the sports section and darts into another room. Mick then turns around as Jess barrels through the door and dashes upstairs. Passing Jess on the stairs, Bree makes her way downstairs carrying a large red typewriter. Lastly Abby, who’s in a heated phone call with Wes, flies down the stairs and out the front door. Having completed his door duties, Mick shuts the door behind Abby and throws his hands up in exasperation.

Outside, Abby and Wes continue to argue about custody of their girls. Before leaving, Wes gave Abby a petition for full custody of the girls. Wes tells Abby that he can’t keep paying the girl’s private school tuition and that if they live with him, the girls can go to public school. Abby offers to pay the tuition, but Wes in unwilling to change his mind. As they argue, Abby makes her way back inside, past her family who overhears everything.

After ending her call with Wes, Abby returns to the kitchen and her family, who eagerly await an update on the situation. Abby and Wes had originally agreed they would have the girls on alternating weeks during the summer. Standing across from Abby, Connor points out that by keeping the girls in Chesapeake Shores, Abby broke the agreement. The entire family gets angry, but Connor isn’t wrong and genuinely hopes that Abby has an actual plan. Abby assures everyone that she does have a plan and the family turns with anticipation to hear the details. Finally, after a long pause, Abby tells her family that her plan is to move back to Chesapeake Shores for good.

Later in the day, Mick and Bree take a walk to the small cottage on the O’Brien property. The renter just moved out and Mick thinks the cottage would be the perfect place for Bree to enjoy a change in scenery while she works on her new play. As Mick explains his thoughts, Bree blurts out that she and Martin are doing fine. Mick glosses over the outburst and instead, walks her through the cottage pointing out its finer features. Afterwards, they stand on the porch and Mick remarks that this is where he would write, “if he could do what Bree does.” Bree looks concerned and responds, “Lately, I can’t even do what I do.”

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