Home to Roost Part One

Back inside the B&B, Mick has fixed the pipes and Jess’s grand opening is back on track. As the party carries on, Abby is surprised to see that Trace has joined in the festivities. He tells Abby that he he should have kissed the other night. Abby is stunned by his comment and stutters as she tells him that that he just made things unclear. Trace asks Abby if she even knows what makes her happy anymore. He then reveals that he did go to New York to see her, only to turn around when he learned she was getting married. As they talk, Wes returns to pick up the girls. Trace is eager to introduce himself but Abby stops him, saying that if there is any chance of them being together again, she has to think about her children first. She admits that she ran off on him but promises that she won’t run off again. She then begs him to allow them to sort this out at her pace. Trace begrudgingly agrees and Abby walks off to talk to Wes.

As soon as Wes gets out of the car he and Abby begin arguing again. Sitting in his jeep, Trace can’t sit back and watch the situation unfold. He gets out of his truck and angrily storms toward Wes. Abby begs him to butt out and, sensing something is going on between Abby and Trace, Wes backs off. He and Abby buckle the girls into the car but, before pulling off, Wes hands Abby a letter from his attorney. Wes tells her their current agreement isn’t going to work, gets into the car and drives away. Abby frantically opens the envelope and as she reads the letter, she drops to the ground. The family gathers around to console her while Trace stands off to the side contemplating the situation.

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