Home to Roost Part One

Making up for their own lost time, Abby and Trace walk along the shore, talking about Trace’s time in Nashville. Trace had never talked about his life in Nashville and is doing his best to resist Abby’s attempts to open up. Abby keeps pushing and Trace finally starts to open up. He tells her that when he “finally made it,” it wasn’t what he thought it would be. His dreams shattered, Trace left Nashville and returned home to Chesapeake Shores. Abby is left stunned at Trace’s revelation, but when Trace asks about her own dreams, Abby finds herself on the defensive. Abby tells him that things for her changed when she became a wife, mother and career woman. As she looks down, explaining her dreams away, Trace grabs her and pull her close to him. He tells her to forget about all that, close her eyes and think about what she really wants. The dose of reality is too much for Abby and she tearfully acknowledges that she doesn’t know what she wants. The revelation is too much for Abby and she walks away from trace, wiping away the tears.

Back at the O’Brien home, Bree and Megan pick flowers from the garden. The garden is filled with colorful peonies and China roses but for the life of her, Megan can’t remember the garden ever being there. Jess tells her that Gran planted the garden after she left. Bree’s words pull at Megan’s heart and she acknowledges that the family still needs time to heal. When she tells Jess that she’d like to visit her in Chicago Jess is so taken aback that she pricks her finger on a rose. Megan reaches out to to help her daughter, but as she does, Jess pulls her hand back. Jess then pauses at the realization of her own unresolved feelings towards her mother. She solemnly tells her mother that she’s right, “it will take time.”

Later at the B&B, Jess tiptoes back into her room, but not before stopping at her mother’s door and contemplating knocking. She stops herself and instead, quietly slips upstairs into her room. When she reaches the top of the stairs, she sees that her mother has made her bed. Frustrated and angry, she tears off the neatly laid covers and throws the pillows around the room.