Home to Roost Part One

Sitting around a fire toasting marshmallows, all five O’Brien siblings eat, drink and laugh together. It’s been some time since they were all together and they have a lot of catching up to do. Connor is preparing to take the bar exam, while Kevin is preparing to ship out on deployment to Afghanistan. The mood is especially joyful with the news that their grandmother is home from the hospital and resting comfortably and the celebration continues through the evening.

The next morning at the B&B, Jess tries her best to sneak out of the house without being heard by her mother. As Connor put it, Jess “drew the short straw” and is hosting her mother while she’s in town. Hoping to avoid any interaction with her mother, Jess tiptoes from her loft and makes her way to the front door. As she walks out she unwittingly pulls the door too hard, causing it to slam shut. The noise stirs Megan, who’d been waiting for any sign that her daughter was awake. She leaves her room and searching for Jess, but all she finds is an empty house. She enters Jess’s room and, seeing that she’d already left, tenderly makes her daughter’s bed.

Sitting along the shore side, Trace is playing fetch with his dog Axel when Abby arrives, taking a break from her morning run. Abby tells Trace about the impromptu family reunion her dad surprised them with the night before. While unlike Mick, Trace has firsthand knowledge of Mick’s sometimes mysterious ways. After returning from Nashville, Mick out of the blue offered him a job. What’s more, even after offering Trace a job, Mick never mentioned to Abby that Trace had returned to Chesapeake Shores. Abby assumes that her father thought her knowing Trace was back would have been a distraction to the life she was building in New York. With that settled, Abby turns to head home and meet her family for breakfast. As she jogs off, Trace shouts out to her and asks if he is a distraction. Abby smiles and tells him yes…a good one.

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