Grand Openings

Mick is eager to hear about how Meg’s conversation with Robertson went. She lets Mick down by telling him that he is not going to issue the club a permit. Instead, Mick is going to have to go through the new arts liaison coordinator of the city… her! She also thanks Mick for sending her resume to the city hall for the job in the first place, suspecting it was him. He just smiles and says he has no idea what she is talking about.

Simon stops by Word Play to invite Bree out to dinner. He also says he read her 8th grade story that Gran gave him at the dinner. Simon tells her the story actually moved him to tears and now he is eager to read even more of her work.

When the club officially opens, it is a hit. Trace credits Abby’s support for helping make his dream come true. Mick introduces Trace to the audience and they go wild. The Trace Reilly Band starts performing for the club. Meg gets Kevin and Connor on their feet to dance and enjoy the music. Abby gets a text from Wes letting her know the girls are still running a fever and asking for their mom. She rushes home to cuddle her daughters while Trace continues to play, dismayed to realize that Abby has vanished.

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