Grand Openings

Meanwhile, Danielle and Connor are chatting on the porch swing and talk about their careers. Danielle says she didn’t need a big school law degree to find a job she loved. She also tells Connor that she likes the side of him she saw at dinner, the one that isn’t filled with bells and whistles. He responds by giving her a kiss.

The next morning Meg tracks down councilman Robertson to try to get the live music permit for Trace and Mick. Following Mick’s earlier advice, Meg brings up how important it is to have live music and arts in Chesapeake Shores. The councilman tells Meg that he knows exactly who she is, because she he looked at her job resume at the City Hall. On the spot, he offers her an actual job working for the city.

Trace is at the club practicing and John shows up to talk. He apologizes to Trace for getting out of control at the club. John promises Trace that it was a one-time thing and he won’t get out of line again. Trace tells John to shape up or he is out of the band for good. John agrees and promises to be on his best behavior.