Grand Openings

At the Green Fair, Connor is helping Danielle out and gets a text about dinner. He invites Danielle to join him and his family that night at the house.

Later that evening, the O’Brien family and their dates are all gathered around the dinner table sharing entertaining holiday stories. Gran delivers a toast welcoming all the additional guests to the O’Brien dinner table. Unfortunately, Trace receives a text and has to run out to the club to deal with an emergency.

Trace arrives at the club to find John jamming on stage with a new band, as an audience looks on. Trace pulls the plug on the speakers and tells the band and audience to clear out.

After dinner, Sarah and Kevin go for a sunset stroll and he tells her that Gran loved her. She tells Kevin she knows why he really wants to become a doctor; it’s because the family relies on him to be the one to fix things. Sarah tells him it was nice to watch. Kevin smiles and says everything she said is true.

Simon helps Gran clear the tables, and she tells him she is a fan of his books. Gran also informs Simon that Bree is an excellent writer and gives him a story that Bree wrote in the 8th grade. Meanwhile, Meg gets some alone time with Bree and wants to know if Simon has seen of any of her writing. Bree says no, because she is afraid Simon won’t like her stories. Megan points out that maybe that isn’t what matters. What should matter is that they like each other.