Grand Openings

Simon and Bree are getting to know each other over coffee, and he talks about his new novel. While they’re chatting, Bree receives a text from her Gran and invites Simon to the family’s upcoming family dinner. He takes her up on the invite.

Jess is still trying to get to know David and he although he reveals he has a brother and sister, but that’s it. This piques Jess’s curiosity even more. Later on, she decides to invite David to her family dinner and he says yes.

As Abby and Trace have dinner, she wants to know how long Trace is going to be playing with the band. She tells him that whenever they are around, Trace acts differently and the two never get any alone time. Trace stops her and tells her that he refuses to change for her, but also assures Abby that the two are okay. Trace promises his girlfriend that he will start making her more of a priority.

Meg and Mick are setting up the table for Gran’s big dinner. Mick asks a big favor from Meg. He knows that Councilman Robertson isn’t a fan of his, so he is hoping that Meg can schmooze the councilman to into providing the live music permit for the club. Mick suggests that Meg bring up the importance of the arts to the councilman and see what he says.