Grand Openings

Kevin is joined by Sarah at the café. He ribs on her why she hasn’t returned any of his calls. She says the two can hang out now and they catch-up. Kevin finds out that Sarah has family in Philadelphia and she learns he is studying for the MCATs. She eats and runs, but not before flashing him one last smile.

Back at Word Play, Bree is shocked when the author, Simon Atwater returns, but this time he wants to invite Bree out for coffee.

Abby fills Trace in about her possible promotion and he tells her he believes in her. Their moment is interrupted by John and Leigh, who tell Trace of a possible gig the band could have in Baltimore. That means the band should rehearse tonight. Abby says it is okay to break their scheduled date because she has two sick daughters at home she has to tend to.

The next morning, a tired Abby is at the café grabbing a cup of coffee when she spots Trace, Leigh and John walking in. Trace offers to walk Abby to her car before joining the band for breakfast. Meanwhile, outside the café, Kevin runs into Sarah while she is on a jog, and he invites her to join and him and the rest of the family for dinner at the house. She says yes.