Grand Openings

Abby stops by the club to see Trace and catches him mid-rehearsal with the band. Trace immediately stops singing and rushes to Abby, apologizing for running late for their date. He also takes it as an opportunity to introduce her to John. He tells Abby that he needs 30 more minutes to practice and she volunteers to sit and watch.

The next morning, Mick stops by the club to make sure Trace has everything he needs to open. Trace admits he is having trouble getting a live music permit and wonders if Mick has any strings he can pull with the city hall. He tells Trace he will see what he can do.

Bree and Jess are enjoying coffee and muffins at the inn. Despite David being such a great cook and baker, Jess still knows nothing about him. Every time she tries to ask him basic questions, David avoids them.

Abby is shocked when she hears she is up for the title of Vice President at Capital Management. She is excited about the news, but apprehensive when she hears it comes with a heavier workload and more hours. She agrees to think about the offer for a few days.

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