Georgia on my Mind

Later that night Jess comes to visit Kevin. When she enters the room Georgia is taking Kevin’s temperature. Kevin is developing a fever and his complexion is pale and sallow. Jess tenderly asks if he’s feeling better but Kevin bluntly tells her no. Kevin lets out a deep cough and Georgia can immediately tell that the cough is moving down his chest and decides to administer an oxygen tube. Jess turns to leave but Kevin asks her to stay. As Georgia places the oxygen tube, Kevin grimaces in pain. He looks at his sister and asks her how she got through it. She looks at Georgia before turning back to Kevin. She reveals that coming home was a healing process. She didn’t understand as a child, but Chesapeake Shores is a place where she could feel safe. Kevin meekly tells her that he doesn’t feel safe. As those words escape his mouth, Georgia turns, the look of devastation written all over her face.

In the next room, Nell turns over the logs in the fireplace when Mick walks in and tells her he needs to fly to Boston for work. Nell tells him that Kevin doesn’t look well. Mick tells her that Georgia warned them that Kevin would get worse before he gets better. On the table Mick sees a fairy garden Nell’s been working on. Nell says that she wanted to get it done before she leaves. She then tells him that she needs to take a little trip and that she needs to tell him about someone she knew around the same time she met Mick’s father, a person named Dylan O’Malley. But before she can go on, Mick’s phone rings and he leaves to take the call.

At Sally’s, Trace and his mother sit at a table for three. Trace realizes that the spare chair at the table is for his father, who will be joining them for dinner. As they talk, Lawrence arrives and the atmosphere immediately becomes cold. He was running late after some last minute haggling over a loan. The loan is for Mick O’Brien, but Trace knows Mick is usually a straight shooter. Lawrence tells him “not this time.” He then reveals that Mick bought the warehouse Trace wanted to buy. Lawrence then picks up the menu and begins to peruse, oblivious to the thunderstruck reaction his news has had on Trace.

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