Georgia on my Mind

The next morning Megan steps outside on the deck and finds Georgia gazing out at the ocean. When the two make eye contact Georgia pointedly says to Megan, “You and I didn’t get off to a good start.” Megan agrees and tells her that she at least appreciates her honesty. Megan then angrily asks why Georgia told her not to cry when she saw her son. Georgia tells her that Kevin has always thought that taking care of his mother was his responsibility. During the 9/11 attacks, Megan was in living in New York. That day Kevin called her and on the other end, he heard his mother in hysterical tears over the friends she’d lost in the towers. Hearing his mother in tears, Kevin decided that it was his personal responsibility to protect her. Hearing the story is like a punch in the gut to Megan. Seeing her pain, Georgia steps forward and puts her hand on Megan’s shoulder. Georgia looks her in the eyes and tells her that she will always tell her the truth and the truth is that she loves Kevin. She asks Megan to trust that Kevin’s love for her isn’t misplaced. Megan nods and then extends her hand. They shake hands then turn back toward the ocean in silence.

Later in the day Kevin wakes to find his grandmother praying over him. She tells him that she’s been watching him sleep and that he seems very restless. He confesses to her that he had been dreaming about his grandfather. In his dreams, Kevin’s grandfather told him that he needs to speak to Dylan O’Malley. The name is not one that Kevin has heard before but the same can’t be said for Nell. She nervously tells Kevin that she’s never heard the name and that he should just get some rest. He closes his eyes and she quickly walks outside. She pulls out her chain necklace, on the end of which Nell has recently placed the gold ring Trace found in the floorboards of the church. Holding the ring, Nell’s thoughts turn to a different time and a different place and she asks herself, “Dylan O’Malley. Where are you now?”