Georgia on my Mind

After checking his wounds and sedating him, Georgia steps out from the dining room and ask Mick and Megan if they would like to see Kevin. In his hospital bed, Kevin winces in pain as he tries to shift his body. When Megan asks if she’d like her to get Georgia, Kevin angrily snaps at her that Georgia’s done everything she can. His angry outburst catches both Mick and Megan off guard and the two steal an uncomfortable look at each other. Kevin asks where his siblings are and Mick tells him that Bree is running errands, Abby’s at work and Connor is in New York taking the bar. Kevin then asks where Bree is. Neither Mick nor Megan answer and instead look at each other with the realization that Kevin’s condition is much worse than they expected. Kevin begins to talk to them about Georgia but his words trail off and he drifts into unconsciousness. Suddenly his leg cramps and he yells for Georgia. Megan leans in and puts her hand on his face but Kevin recoils from her, yelling “no.” Georgia comes running in and, as she pulls back the covers, Megan sees Kevin’s bandaged and bloody left leg. As Georgia massages the cramp she asks Megan to step out of the room. Reluctantly Megan leaves and as she turns away, her emotions overtake her and she begins to sob.

Outside, at a café in Chesapeake Shores, Trace parks his motorcycle and runs over to an older man sitting at a table eating lunch. Lawrence Riley, Trace’s dad, sees his son and offers him half of his sandwich. Trace tells him that Maggie called him to tell him that the warehouse had sold. Lawrence begins to explain, but Trace doesn’t want to hear it and tells his father that he ‘gets it.’ Lawrence tells Trace that for what it’s worth, he thought the idea was smart. Despite that, it would have been irresponsible for the bank to approve the loan with Trace’s employment status, his mortgage and the mysterious payments Trace sends to Nashville every month. Trace doesn’t see why any of that matters and is unwilling to even explain to his father what the payments are for. Trace desperately wants his father to understand that he was emotionally invested in the project but Lawrence doesn’t have the time. He tells Trace that he’s sorry then leaves.

Later that night Bree stops in Abby’s room to borrow a sweater. They haven’t really talked since Bree returned from Chicago. Abby casually asks about Martin and Bree hints that things are not going well between them. Bree begins to talk while Abby flips through her paperwork. The two continue the conversation in which Abby assumes they are talking about her legal woes. But suddenly, Abby realizes that they aren’t talking about her legal problem and that Bree is in fact pouring out her heart. Abby stops shifting her papers and looks up to her now teary eyed sister. Bree then tells her that Martin has another girlfriend. Abby is stunned and immediately runs to comfort her sister. As they hug, Bree cries into her ear, “I feel so stupid.”