Georgia on my Mind

In Baltimore, as Abby makes her way into the office, Dell is waiting outside for her. Dell escorts her inside and and as he does, tells her that someone is waiting for her in the office. By the way the man is dressed it’s clear to Dell that the man is a federal investigator. Initially unfazed, Abby heads to her office where Christopher Whitcomb, and investigator with the Department of Justice, is waiting for her. Abby invites him to sit and, as she takes her seat, stumbles back on the large grey stability ball she has in lieu of a chair. She laughs off the mishap but Christopher doesn’t crack a smile. He then begins to press her for information on several boxes she shipped from her New York office. Abby is suspicious and responds by asking him about the investigation. Christopher tells her that he’s investigating possible SEC violations but won’t say anything more. Abby’s nobody’s fool and excuses herself while she contacts her attorney. Christopher asks if she feels she needs an attorney and she immediately responds, “I don’t know, do I?” Realizing that she’s won this round, Christopher relents. Nearby Abby finds a private room and calls the one person she knows she can trust, her brother Connor. Desperate for help, she asks him what she should do. He tells her to lawyer up and to not answer any questions. He also advises her not to talk to anyone at her company, Capital Management.

Back in Chesapeake Shores, Georgia is hard at work turning the O’Brien’s dining room into a recovery room for Kevin. While Mick, Jess and Bree look on, Megan lets herself in the front door. She was on the way to the hospital when Nell called and told her to come to the house instead. Bree tells her Kevin is coming home to recover but before she can say more, the ambulance with Kevin arrives at the house. As the family runs out to greet Kevin, Georgia walks up to Megan, shakes her hand, tells her that she is Georgia and heads off to the ambulance. When Georgia is out of earshot Bree whispers to Megan that Georgia is Kevin’s fiancée. Suddenly Georgia walks back in the house and asks Megan not to cry when she sees Kevin. She then dashes back out, leaving Megan confused and concerned.

Outside, the ambulance doors open and the medics pull Kevin out on a stretcher. Blankets cover the lower half of his body, but a large cast covering his left leg is visible. The once handsome young man is now covered in scars and burns with an injury on his right that stretches from his lower eye to the top of his shoulder. He winces in pain as the stretcher drops from the ambulance. Standing to the side, Bree and Megan look on in stunned silence. Inside, the tension amongst the O’Brien family begins to rise as they grapple with the severity of Kevin’s condition and the revelation that he is engaged. Mick tries to assure Megan that they have to trust that Kevin and Georgia know what’s best. Georgia, who’s been getting Kevin settled in the makeshift recovery room in the dining room, emerges and thanks everyone for their patience. She then escorts them into the room where they come face to face with Kevin, scarred, bandaged and wincing in pain. As they talk, Georgia apologizes for barging into their lives. Georgia then tells Kevin that she needs to check the wounds on his leg and give him something to help him rest. The O’Briens quietly shuffle out, leaving Kevin in Georgia’s care.