Renewed for Season 5

Georgia on my Mind

Dressed for work, Abby makes her way out the door as an unknown car pulls into the driveway. As soon as Abby steps outside a woman approaches her and asks if she is indeed Abby. Puzzled, Abby confirms her identity and is then greeted by a hand shake. The attractive blonde woman introduces herself as Georgia, and casually tells Abby that she is Kevin’s fiancée. Abby is noticeably stunned by the news and by the direct and self-assured manner by which Georgia told her that she was marrying her brother. Abby stumbles to regain her composure before inviting Georgia inside to meet her father and grandmother.

Inside the O’Brien home, flanked by Mick and Nell, Georgia explains that she and Kevin have only been engaged for a few months and that she hasn’t even told her parents. The two met during Kevin’s first deployment to Afghanistan. Kevin had just arrived at the time Georgia was finishing her deployment. On that first day she and Kevin talked about what to expect and then continued talking throughout the night. After that, they started writing each other and things grew from there. Georgia retired from the military and just recently took an ER job in Daytona. She explains to the family that once Kevin finishes his recovery at home in Chesapeake Shores they are planning to move to Daytona. The news that Kevin will be convalescing at home is a surprise to everyone. Georgia explains that she and Kevin spoke before he was transported and agreed that instead of a hospital, it would be better for Kevin to recover at home with his family.

In town, Trace walks side by side, talking with an older woman. The woman is Dee Riley, Trace’s mother and most ardent supporter. Shortly into their walk they pass through the large wooden gates that lead into the Riley home. As they do, Trace tells Dee that he went by the bank and applied for a loan to buy the warehouse space. She asks how much he needs but Trace flat out rejects the implication. He explains that his paperwork is in order and that his money coming in from Nashville may help his chances. Dee then asks if Trace is recording a new album. He smiles and jokes, “now you know what to get dad for Christmas.” Dee asks if he wants to come in but Trace tells her he needs to get back to work. Before he leaves, he does ask if she’d like to have dinner the following night. Dee smiles and tells him she’d love to.

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