Abby and Trace find some alone time to talk about their relationship. Abby says she knows Trace would do anything for her and the girls, but she needs to encourage him to follow his dreams. Trace says he loves her and says he doesn’t think he can handle losing her, again. She tells him if they were meant to be, it won’t be the end.

At the art walk, Thomas and Mick have an exchange of words. Thomas tells Mick he is heading back to California for work, while Mick tells Thomas he is packing to fulfill a childhood dream of visiting Peru. He also lets Thomas know that he brought on a new investor for the land trust, throwing Thomas’s California plans out of whack.

Jess, Abby and Bree sit down on a bench at the art walk, staring at the black and white framed photo that Bree found earlier. Each sister is also reveling in their latest relationship busts and wondering if their lives are just better without men.

Meg takes the stage of the Art Walk. Taking Gran’s advice, she gives a speech from the heart and receives warm applause from the audience. She then introduces the Trace Riley Band to the enthusiastic crowd. While the music plays, David kisses Jess on top of the head and slips away in the crowd, while Kevin gets an email on his phone telling him he has been accepted to Stanford’s School of Medicine. Abby just watches Trace perform with tears in her eyes.

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