Douglas meets with Mick and Abby to discuss the land trust. Douglas admits he has heard there is bad blood between Thomas and Mick and wants to make sure Mick won’t have a problem going through with the development of the land, despite his brother’s objections. Mick shakes his hand the men have a deal.

Abby fills her sisters and Gran in on Trace’s decision to stay in Chesapeake Shores instead of tour. Gran, Jess and Bree all express their disapproval of Trace’s decision, because it means he is giving up his lifelong dream for his relationship, and that can lead to resentment later on.

The next day, Bree continues giving Simon the cold shoulder and he wants to know why. He assures her that he not any of her ex-boyfriends and he would never try to change her. She tells him her problem is that Simon took over her writing career by submitting her manuscript without her permission. He apologizes and asks for one more chance. She leans in and gives him a kiss, but says she needs to stick with her decision to move on.

Back at the inn, David is giving cooking lessons to Jess. He tells her the inn is going to be okay, but she tells him that doesn’t mean she will be. He wraps her in a hug. Jess makes David promise her that when he leaves, he won’t say goodbye; because she doesn’t do goodbyes well.